Sertan Sanderson

Sertan Sanderson

Sertan started writing for the South African to find his inner African - or so he claims. With his background in journalism Sertan has worked on various documentaries and news channels, and has also contributed features to the Guardian and other publications. He holds a Master's Degree in War Studies but does not believe in the initiation of violence. If that makes him 'pieperig', so be it.

Zuma pulls out of London confe

Zuma pulls out of London conference

SA President Jacob Zuma surprised business leaders and expats in the UK by pulling out of a conference in London which he was due to attend this week. While many call the no-show predictable, others are disappointed in the president crisscrossing their plans.

Of masculinity and murder: wil

Of masculinity and murder: will Dewani face a trial by media?

Revelations about Shrien Dewani’s sexuality and other aspects pertaining to his lifestyle have rocked the initial days of court hearings in Cape Town. But in the shadow of the Pistorius verdict can there be a fair trial for Dewani – or does he have to carve it out for himself with all means at his disposal, as he increasingly appears to be judged not for the alleged murder of his wife but simply for enjoying sex?

DA criticises SA/Russia nuclea

DA criticises SA/Russia nuclear deal

As President Jacob Zuma and Russian President Vladimir Putin sign an unexpected nuclear energy deal that could see the addition of up to eight new nuclear power stations to South Africa’s energy landscape, critics are voicing concern that something murky might be going on beneath the surface

Birth certificates and visa re

Birth certificates and visa reform: despite extension, new laws are here to stay

Parents have been granted a grace period until 1 June 2015 to gather birth certificates for their children if they’re planning to travel in or out of South Africa in the foreseeable. While making upcoming Christmas travel plans easier for thousands of expats around the globe, it remains advisable for parents to get their documentation ready and in order for when the new laws finally do kick in, as Home Affairs confirms that the guidelines aren’t going anywhere