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First established in 2003 by Blue Sky Publications Ltd, thesouthafrican.com has evolved to become one of the most-read websites in South Africa. Published by Blue Sky Publications (Pty) Ltd since 2005, find out all about us right here.

We bring you the latest breaking news updates, from South Africa and the African continent. The South African is an independent, no agenda and no bias online news disruptor that goes beyond the news and behind the headlines. We believe what sets us apart is that we deliver news differently. While we hold ourselves to the utmost journalistic integrity of being truthful, we encourage a writing style that is acerbic and conversational, when appropriate.

With a growing readership – averaging  5.7 million readers* per month and over 17.8 million page views* per month, thesouthafrican.com has evolved rapidly and is ranked amongst the top 3 largest online news publications in South Africa by the IAB.

Having started as a print edition targeting expats in the United Kingdom, thesouthafrican.com is now run entirely online with our largest readership footprint based in South Africa.

We are independently owned by a private company with no affiliation to any other media group (or political party or religious organisation) and funded mainly through advertising revenue.

Thesouthafrican.com subscribes to the Code of Ethics and Conduct for South African Print and Online Media that prescribes news that is truthful, accurate, fair and balanced. If we don’t live up to the Code, within 20 days of the date of publication of the material, please contact the Public Advocate at +27 (0) 11 484 3612, fax: +27 (0) 11 4843619.

You can also contact our Case Officer at khanyim@ombudsman.org.za or lodge a complaint on the website: www.presscouncil.org.za

*Based on Google Analytics data. 


The online opinions of writers, reader commentators and advertisers are theirs and are not necessarily shared by TheSouthAfrican.com or Blue Sky Publications (Pty) Ltd and affiliates. Unless otherwise stated, copyright of all original materials is held by Blue Sky Publications (Pty) Ltd.

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