Brett Petzer

Brett Petzer

Architectural graduate, French-English translator, fiction writer, illustrator.

Reeva and Oscar’s parents stil

Reeva and Oscar’s parents still tussling over settlement

Six months after negotiations, the wealthy Pistoriuses have allegedly offered Reeva Steenkamp’s family R2 million – less than half a year of Oscar’s annual earnings before the shooting. But is it enough for them to settle, mere weeks before the start of Oscar’s real trial?

Ke nako: Nigeria to overtake S

Ke nako: Nigeria to overtake SA as Africa’s biggest in 4 weeks

New, more accurate measurement of Nigeria’s GDP may knock the South off its pedestal as Africa’s biggest deal, in economic terms. This is good news for South Africa, where Africa’s better-off enjoy shopping for trade deals as well as luxury goods. But the hard question remains: why aren’t we growing that fast as well?

Do South Africa’s unskilled yo

Do South Africa’s unskilled youth have a future?

Millions of South Africans want to believe in the ANC’s promise of 6 million jobs, but the alarming truth is that our economy is a friend of poverty rather than the poor. Rigid labour markets, corruption and shambolic education are what stand in the way of South Africans’ creating jobs for themselves: what we’d like to hear is Zuma promise to stop destroying job opportunities, rather than pledging to create them

Walking the Wicklow Way throug

Walking the Wicklow Way through Ireland

A week walking in Ireland is a week of softening: eyes trained to see jagged London switch to a diet of green hills, still lakes and moodily-lit ruins. Stomachs used to virtuous quinoa and the Paleo diet gently expand into a universe of potato-and-beer based cuisine. In short, we left for Ireland old and grey, and came back in the bloom of youth. Here’s why the Wicklow Way should be your next city break

Top Ten Things the SA Governme

Top Ten Things the SA Government got right in 2013 (Part 2)

Well, it certainly took some searching: under the wreckage of the South African executive’s various setbacks, gaffes, scandals and furores, some good was done. Some government departments are broadly functional; a handful are thriving. We look at 10 isolated examples of the country and government we dream of

Washington DC welcomes major n
South Africans Abroad

Washington DC welcomes major new exhibition of SA printmakers

Washington Printmakers Gallery (WPG and Vula Amehlo Art Development are pleased to present South African Voices: A New Generation of Printmakers in January 2014 This invitational exhibition features numerous hand-pulled prints by more than 30 emerging artists from South Africa. Its content seeks to bridge the social, political and economic divides and to create mutual understanding between South Africa and the United States

Joburg Sandton

New Africa wealth report sees SA still on top – just

The average South African is still the richest in Africa, but oil and mining wealth mean that other countries are in hot pursuit – while once-bustling Zimbabwe still bleeds wealth. This was the outcome of a major report on the wealth of Africa’s citizens released this week

Thuli Madonsela labels Brian Molefe a liar over state capture

Top Ten Things the SA Government got right in 2013 (Part 1)

In a year during which the government of Africa’s richest country lurched from the frying pan to the fire, a lot of good was also done. In the interests of sunshine journalism, The South African therefore presents (after considerable research) its Top Ten list of things the state did right this year

Matric 2013: Why the top two p

Matric 2013: Why the top two provinces are cheats

When the rural and relatively poor Free State and Northwest shot to the top of Matric rankings this year, many applauded: here was proof that wealth and density are no prerequisite for schooling success. But research shows that these provinces were also first and second on a sadder measure: losing about half of their Grade 10s before they sit Matric