Brett Petzer

Brett Petzer

Architectural graduate, French-English translator, fiction writer, illustrator.

SA remains in bad company in 2

SA remains in bad company in 2013 corruption rankings

This year’s 2013 Corruption Perception Index (CPI) – a respected global ranking of clean government and clean business – will not make much of a Christmas present for South African public and private sector managers and their employees. But the fact that South Africa still ranks 72nd out of 177 countries polled will be most embarassing to the ruling party on the eve of what is set to be this country’s most contentious election since democracy

E-tag card & car keys

For whom the bell e-tolls: rage, calm and defiance on day one

While motorists complain of ‘the gantry who stole Christmas’, the rage against the e-tolling machine goes much deeper than cost and inconvenience. Will motorists, churches, labour and opposition parties manage to catalyse themselves into sustained resistance, or are e-tolls really a fait accompli?

The top ten South African muse

The top ten South African museums

South Africa’s museums have a difficult but intensely exciting future ahead of them: in a country where history is especially contentious, and where our understanding of apartheid history is still clouded by the motives and power differentials of living people, museums must give all South Africans the tools – the evidence, the living testimony and the context – with which to make sense of their lives and their histories

State to compel pupils to lear

State to compel pupils to learn one African language – should it? [Vote]

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) is calling on the public inside and outside South Africa to comment on the government’s plans to make the teaching of an African language compulsory from grade 1. The scheme will be piloted in the Foundation phase, at Grade 1 level, from next year, with plans to roll the initiative out nationally from 2015 (and phase it with every additional grade annually thereafter)

Will Agang-SA run out of time

Will Agang-SA run out of time to campaign before 2014 Elections?

Ramphele’s party’s election plan for 2014 seems to be cutting it dangerously fine: the party will hold its inaugural national conference in January, where it will also confirm its leadership. Those leaders will then have no more than six months to canvass their constituencies and build a personal and party brand before the elections are held, as many predict, in or around June 2014

String of London bike deaths c

String of London bike deaths claims South African

A South African Londoner, Roger William de Klerk, has been named as the victim of a fatal collision with a bus near East Croydon station. The Forest Hill resident was struck near the corner of Addiscombe Road and Cherry Orchard Road on Tuesday 19 November as the third in a spate of six cyclists’s deaths

Hijack video goes viral [Watch

Hijack video goes viral [Watch]

South Africans both inside and outside the country – for whom the fight-or-flight response to crime is a divisive issue – have watched a hijacking caught on camera in their hundreds of thousands

SKA head says flagship SA astr

SKA head says flagship SA astronomy project on track

While the coming half-year will be a busy one for the scientists who use the existing array and the engineers who are building the remaining installations, Fanaroff said that some work had already begun. The SKA was already looking deep into the history of the universe.

EFF jubilant as Malema trial m

EFF jubilant as Malema trial moved to after 2014 election

The efforts of the Economic Freedom Fighters’ (EFF) partisans to bolster their leader, the red beret-wearing Julius Malema, as he came to face the music in Polokwane this week seem to have borne fruit as the corruption, fraud, money laundering and racketeering trial featuring Malema and four partners has been postponed to September 2014

Rendez-vous à La Réunion

Rendez-vous à La Réunion

Réunion may look exactly like a sparkling Indian Ocean island, and it is, but this French département of nearly 800 000 souls is more likely to satisfy hikers and sport fishing enthusiasts than the sangria-and-sunblock set

Eskom apologises for spying on

Eskom apologises for spying on Greenpeace activists

After nine months of stonewalling, South Africa’s embattled energy giant Eskom has come clean about allegations made in February by Greenpeace South Africa and other activist groups that the parastatal had employed an intelligence agency to spy on environmentalists