Brett Petzer

Brett Petzer

Architectural graduate, French-English translator, fiction writer, illustrator.

Malta: ancient, modern, moreis

Malta: ancient, modern, moreish

This sunny island steeped in history is a lot more than picturesque. The Maltese have held their own for centuries, and offer the modern visitor a cohesive culture alive with echoes of every part of the Mediterranean. And, as one might expect for a country named for the Greek word for honey, food-lovers are in for an especially good time

Watch Cape Town’s countdown to

Watch Cape Town’s countdown to 2014…and World Design Capital

A jubilant crowd gathered on Cape Town’s Grand Parade for an incredible light show projected onto Cape Town’s neo-Renaissance-style City Hall. After a video displaying the ways in which the city hopes to ‘live design, transform life’ during its year-long run as World Design Capital, Nelson Mandlela’s face appeared with the national flag. As the crowd erupted in cheers, the countdown began, followed by a long night of music and fireworks

HIV/Aids antidote hopes recede

HIV/Aids antidote hopes recede as first ‘cured’ patients relapse

A major discovery in HIV is good news for South Africa, where about 1 in 10 are HIV-positive. Patients previously believed ‘cured’ of HIV have experienced a viral rebound, marking an important new question: if HIV can remain in the body while undetectable in the blood, where might the ‘deep reservoir’ that harbours the virus be?

The year in headlines: top ten

The year in headlines: top ten South African news stories of 2013

In many ways, this was South Africa’s year: the Beloved Country reached the ‘end of the beginning’ of democracy when Madiba passed, and the world celebrated his life and legacy with us. But Mzansi also made headlines when Oscar shot Reeva, and our own national conversation continues to revolve around the urgent national challenges we face and the search for the next generation of leaders.

Ministers close ranks around N

Ministers close ranks around Number One as Nkandla report is released

The Security Cluster of Ministers have closed ranks around Number One as the State releases its own Nkandla report ahead of the Public Protector’s more hotly-awaited one. As many expected, the State has defended everything down to the large swimming pool as esssential to the First Family’s protection, although some overpayment for individual items has been admitted to

What Tutu’s treatment at Madib

What Tutu’s treatment at Madiba’s funeral says about Zuma’s ANC

In the aftermath of the Mandela state funeral at Qunu from which Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu was very nearly totally excluded, and which the Nobel laureate was only able to attend after an eleventh-hour intervention, many commentators within and outside of South Africa have expressed doubt about the strength of the link between the spirit of the African National Congress under Jacob Zuma and the living legacy of Nelson Mandela

The Fake Interpreter: attempte

The Fake Interpreter: attempted rape, murder, kidnapping, fraud

The fake interpreter who admitted to having hallucinations and visions of angels as his meaningless gestures robbed millions of the opportunity to share in Madiba’s memorial has a history of criminal accusations. An eNCA exclusive has revealed that Thamsanqa Jantjies has been convicted of theft and has been accused of rape, attempted murder and other crimes under circumstances that remain hazy due to missing court records

The fake interpreter: cringe,

The fake interpreter: cringe, the beloved country

An entire planet watched yesterday as a man stood next to Barack Obama and Jacob Zuma and signed. It was, in our day and age, absolutely expected that deaf interpreters would be on hand to make an event such as this accessible to the millions of deaf and hard-of-hearing people around the world who have an equal stake in the legacy of Nelson Mandela. The cameras worked, the budget was there, the heads of state were there, the speeches were read (some to lusty boos). But what the deaf ‘heard’ was nothing but dead air: the signer was a fake

Five biggest surprises at the

Five biggest surprises at the Mandela Memorial service

Cubans and Americans shook hands for the first time in six decades. Blair and Bush shared a pew with the Arch, who has argued that they should be tried as war criminals for the Iraq war. A large Palestinian delegation mingled with many of the countries who deny their state membership at the UN. But in a day brimming with the possibility for unique diplomatic outcomes, the most memorable occurrence was home-grown – the spectre of a large stadium crowd openly booing President Zuma

Ten Most Beautiful Nelson Mand

Ten Most Beautiful Nelson Mandela graffiti

The particular story of Nelson Mandela – an outlaw, the Black Pimpernel, for decades a prisoner watching his country from an offshore island – should lend itself better to a people’s art form like graffiti than to oil paintings in galleries

Ten greatest moments of Madiba

Ten greatest moments of Madiba’s life after prison [Video]

From his first speech to an ecstatic crowd upon release from prison, to meetings with the Queen and Oprah, Nelson Mandela has exerted a mesmerising charm in person and a colossal moral heft in public. Ten of the most compelling video moments of his life after 1990 – and, from 1961, his first-ever TV interview for the BBC

World in mourning – Top Ten Ma

World in mourning – Top Ten Mandela tributes

The passing of a global moral titan has had a huge effect across the world, with countries around the world – such as India – declaring an official period of mourning. This is in addition to the deep personal grief felt around the world and especially in South Africa. Some tributes from the global moral and political leaders, from the Castro family to Barack Obama.

Rand plummets to lowest level

Rand plummets to lowest level since 2009

South Africans’ penchant for importing more than they sell to the world, as well as bleak news from the United States, has been the cause of a dramatic dip in the value of the Rand. The national currency continued its headlong dive to the region of R10.53 to the US Dollar

DA will move to impeach Zuma i

DA will move to impeach Zuma if he misled Parly on Nkandla

Democratic Alliance (DA) Parliamentary Leader Lindiwe Mazibuko told the press yesterday that her party would move to have President Jacob Zuma impeached and removed from office if it could be proven that he deliberately obscured the truth about the Nkandla security upgrades when the construction of his lavish compound was brought up in Parliament