South African school fight vid

South African school fight video goes viral as dads fight it out

Are South African parents capable of setting an example for children?

South African school fight vid

Not the Volk’s finest hour was the confrontation outside an unnamed school ‘somewhere in South Africa’ where two fathers verbally confronted each other with mounting tension until someone swung the first punch.

While it’s not clear what was in dispute, both fathers seemed to believe they were defending their children’s honour (one child is the target of a homophobic slur from the other child’s father).

While this video contains little to be proud of, it is a classic South African scenario, played out many times a year on the sides of U/11 rugby matches and Junior Miss Free State pageants, inter alia.

Perhaps this is why the video has gone viral, with over 100,000 views at time of writing. Cringe, the Beloved Country.

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