#TagTroller – The sins of supremacy

The moment we thought South Africa’s Supreme Leader – Jacob Zuma of the #zumamustfall and #nkandla ‘tagacy’ – is single-handedly doing enough to keep keen #tagtrollers erect with excitement; back bounces a blast from our denialist past in the form of the #MbekiLetters.

Steinberg on booing Zuma, the

Steinberg on booing Zuma, the ANC’s future and Ramaphosa as president

“There are so many messages in the booing of Jacob Zuma. The first is that South Africans are suspicious of power. They are quick to show contempt for people who they feel have abused power. People worry that the ANC might tear up the constitution and try to govern forever. But South African political culture is too irreverent to let anyone govern forever.”