Watch: Revisit Trevor Noah's hilarious summary of previous Presidential handovers [video]


Watch: Revisit Trevor Noah’s hilarious summary of previous Presidential handovers [video]

“That’s it. I’m moving to Australia, Mary!”

Watch: Revisit Trevor Noah's hilarious summary of previous Presidential handovers [video]


Whilst we are all being kept on tenterhooks by Jacob Zuma and what his next move will be, we cast our mind back to the start of his Presidency. One man immediately sprang to mind: Trevor Noah.

During his 2009 tour “You Laugh, But It’s True“, Trevor was satirising the reaction of voters with each new President. Needless to say, he took the house down with his perfect impressions of those worried by the appointments of Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki and Kgalema Motlanthe.

He also made the perfect dig at Jacob Zuma, and changed his perspective from one character to another. If you haven’t seen it yet – or would just like to have a laugh to break the tension, be our guests:

Watch Trevor Noah sum up Presidential fears

What has happened with Jacob Zuma on Wednesday?

It will be interesting to see how people now react to the imminent replacement of Zuma with Cyril Ramaphosa. Will people be as panicked as they were before? Or maybe they won’t bother with that flight to Australia?

The big news coming from Wednesday’s developments is… there’s no news. Ramaphosa and JZ have been locked in discussions since the morning. Cyril recently issued a statement, where he said discussions had been productive over the President’s future, but gave no signal of Zuma’s current status:

“I am aware that the uncertainty surrounding the position of the Head of State and Government is a cause for concern among many South Africans. This is understandable.”

“However, I am certain that the process we have now embarked on will achieve an outcome that not only addresses these concerns, but also unites our people around the tasks that all of us must necessarily undertake to build our country.”

For now, we await further action. It would seem to all intents and purposes Zuma is at his endgame here. But will the appointment of Ramaphosa as South Africa’s leader have people planning to jet away once more?