Julius Malema hammers Mbeki an

Julius Malema hammers Mbeki and Motlanthe for encouraging ‘white racists’

Friday saw three former leaders unite in an attempt to preserve South Africa’s democratic integrity… Julius was having none of it.

Julius Malema hammers Mbeki an

Speaking after his ‘land grabs’ case was postponed until the 13th October at Newcastle Magistrates Court, Malema wasted no time in making his feelings clear about the alliance formed between ex-presidents Kgalema Motlanthe, Thabo Mbeki, and F.W de Klerk.

Despite de Klerk’s efforts to end apartheid, Malema has refused to acknowledge him as anything other than a figurehead for the wretched regime. His appearance alongside Mbeki and Motlanthe in Jozi was to send a message to ordinary South Africans, to ‘engage in political dialogue’ and hold those who undermine our democracy to account.

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Yet Malema has never been one for compromise, a point he was all too happy to express.

“I saw today that Mbeki and Motlanthe are meeting with De Klerk saying they are finding solutions to SA. By recognising De Klerk, Mbeki and Motlanthe make a mistake that will lead to white racists thinking they still have a place in SA.”

“The inability of ANC to punish apartheid criminals like De Klerk is why white racists are still proud amongst us.”

The EFF leader – always ready to crank up the rhetoric – used the media attention over his court case to turn his vitriol towards Jacob Zuma, making it a full-house of presidents he has attacked this week.

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Malema staunchly claims that JZ has a “20-year plan” of self-preservation to fight off the ‘783 corruption charges’ he faces (seriously Jacob? One is enough for most people).

“Let me tell you, Zuma planned 10 years ago that Nkosazana [Dlamini-Zuma] will be president of the ANC. Then, it will be Edward Zuma [his son] 10 years after. We must fight this, to avoid South Africa from being a monarchy… If you don’t want a junk country, stop voting for a junk ANC.”

Facing charges for vehemently encouraging his supporters to invade unoccupied land, Malema will not be back in court for another five months. He might want to think of some self-preservation strategies of his own in that time.