Tamutswa Mahari

Tamutswa Mahari

Six music festivals to attend

Six music festivals to attend around South Africa in 2018

2018 is the year for adventures and having fun. Pack your bags and buy your tickets to one of the many festivals on offer around the country. From upbeat house music to soulful jazz, here is a list of music festivals to consider attending this year. Rocking the Daisies (dates unconfirmed) RTD is South Africa’s […]

Ten ways to get your budget ba

Ten ways to get your budget back on track after #Januworry

After a great holiday came the infamous, “January Disease”. From extravagant family presents to the long-awaited holiday trip that you deserve, it’s not surprising if you feel a bit broke afterwards. You’ve spent a little more than expected in December so it may be a good idea to do the best you can to save […]

Spy tapes: State Attorney R15m of taxpayer money went to Zuma's legal fees

Most memorable Jacob Zuma moments of 2017

President Jacob Zuma never leaves us bored. Just when you think he can’t top himself, he does just that. Here’s a list of some of the best Zuma moments of the year. That time he beat another vote of no confidence In early August, the South African Parliament held a motion of no confidence against […]

Eight types of people to avoid

Eight types of people to avoid at the New Year’s Eve party

The end of year is always a sensitive time. Many people are reflecting on the year that has passed. Others are spending all their energy on being extremely excited or extremely anxious about the year ahead. Whichever one of the two people you might be (or maybe you’re both) there are some people nobody wants […]

Solange afropunk

Solange cancels Aropunk Festival Joburg performance

The ‘Cranes in the Sky’ musician was scheduled to perform at the opening of the first Afropunk Festival in Johannesburg this weekend, on Saturday 30th of November. So many of her South African fans were beyond excited to see her live for the first time ever. Most of the excitement stemmed from know that she […]

Robert Grendon rugby cricket poet
Art and Artists

Ten South African Poets worth the follow

South Africans are making their mark all over the world in different fields. With a greater appreciation for the Arts globally and in Africa these days, there are many literary artists from South Africa creating and sharing more. Here’s a list of a few South African poets to look out for if you’re interested in […]

Ten reasons Why Afropunk is th

Ten reasons Why Afropunk is the best place to be on New Year’s Eve

For the last 13 years, the Afropunk Festival has been evolving the festival game. It provides a musical and cultural experience that encourages diversity. The festival hosts people of all races, genders, colours, creeds and tastes. It has created a great sense of multiculturalism. Afropunk has staged big artists such as Solange, SZA and many more, […]

film cinema movies popcorn

Ten classic South African films to watch this New Year’s Eve

Whether you’re a sucker for old school South African films or your New Years resolution is to watch more local films. This list is the perfect place to start for all your classic South African productions needs. There’s a film for every mood. Safarina (1992) The classic stars actresses Leleti Khumalo and Whoopi Goldberg. It […]