Six ways to avoid gaining holi

Six ways to avoid gaining holiday weight

Battle the bulge with these helpful tip

Six ways to avoid gaining holi

‘Tis the season to have fun with family and friends, which usually involves big dinners and even bigger bellies! It’s been a long year and you finally have a chance to relax and spoil yourself. But nobody enjoys the weight-gain that comes with the holidays. Here are a few ways to enjoy all the festivities while staying relatively healthy. Most of all, these tips will make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun.

Eat the Food! Shrink the portions

One golden rule that many fitness and health experts always say is, “Don’t deprive yourself, just control yourself.” A big part of gaining weight during the festive season is a result of overeating. So grab a smaller plate rather than a big one and fill it up. Treat yourself! It’s the holiday after all.

Here are some tips for portion suggestions.

Drink more water

This advice is a tale as old as time. But it’s still great advice. Many people will drink water daily all year round until the holiday season rolls in. This may be because you’re busier with family around or you’re travelling. Get a water bottle to carry around with you everywhere you go and drink a glass of water anytime you’re taking a rest or before every meal. Stay hydrated!

A few apps to download to remind you to drink more water.

Work out wherever, whenever

Many people find it quite difficult to find the time to work out during the festive season. But working out doesn’t have to mean going to the gym. Wake up and do a few reps of your favourite workouts in your bedroom floor or in your hotel room. Go outside and play with your little cousins, nephews or nieces for 30 minutes. The biggest thing is to stay active while on holiday.

Check out Pop Up Gym for quick workout inspiration.

Resist the urge for second helpings

The holiday has been labelled as a time to live in excess. “More food, more festivities!” But this mentality may only leave you feeling sluggish and disappointed. Remind yourself that there is no reason to eat more than what fills you up. If you really want to eat that delicious turkey again, pack some leftovers and make a healthy salad with it later.

Choose one item from each food group

Another way to control your portions. Curb your option choice by picking your favourite meat, starch, vegetable and the likes and putting only those on your plate. This means you can still enjoy your meal because you love everything on your plate.

Bring a healthy dish to the dinner

If you can’t control everything at the dinner table or the party snack table, then do your part and bring one healthy dish with you. This ensures that you have at least one healthy option while you have fun with your friends and family.

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