self care tips

Ten easy ways to practice self care

Love yourself!

self care tips

It’s very easy to fall into a slump. You get so consumed by everything going on around you and forget to think about yourself. There’s usually no time to go for a full spa day. You can still pamper yourself in small doses every day. Here are a few easy and cheap ways to practice self care.

Positive affirmations

“You are strong”. “You can do it”. “Every day is a gift”. These are just a few examples of things to say to yourself everyday. Speak to yourself kindly and positively. It may seem like something silly, but the more you say it, the better.

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Change scenery

One reason why you may feel like you’re in a slump is because you see the same things everyday. It may be time to take a break from your usual environment. Even for an hour or two. Take a drive to the beach or take a walk in a park in another neighbourhood. This will remind you of everything the world has to offer. If you can, take a small vacation, even a weekend trip. See what the world has to offer.


Now this may seem like a tedious task. But a clear space truly brings a clear mind. Keep your workspace and your favourite spot clear. This will put you at ease and help reduce stress. When your surroundings are less busy it makes it easier to calm down.

Turn off the phone

We live in a digital world, so it makes sense to have your phone with you 24/7. But this habit makes us less present during everyday moments. People expect you to be reachable all the time, but that just means nobody respects your boundaries. Turn off your phone at the dinner table with friends and family. Stay clear of the screen for the first 30 minutes of your morning. It’s all about taking time for yourself and living in the moment.


This one will always come up. No matter how much you try to run away from it. But maybe it’s time to change how you approach exercise. Instead of going for a run, play soccer with a few friends or go to the beach and play volleyball. Or challenge yourself to do something you’ve never done. Rock climbing or skateboarding can be great for you physically and make for a good laugh!

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Yoga is a sport of mindfulness. It makes you listen to your body. What better way to practice self care than to listen to your body? Yoga may seem intimidating with all the stretching and poses but it can be easy too. If you’re shy to join a class, pop open Youtube and follow a short beginner’s online video. A few Youtube yogis to look up are Yoga With Adrienne and Bad Yogi.

Eat good mood food

We all know the saying, “you are what you eat”. What you in eat can truly change your mood for the better. Try to eat less junk food, which makes you sluggish and a little moody in the long run. Reach for good food that will give you energy for longer like fruits and vegetable!

Be mindful

We’ve spoken about being mindful of your body through yoga but are you mindful of those around you and your surroundings? Pay attention to the good things going on around you. Try your best to let good energy out too. Pick up litter, greet your neighbour and watch what you do or say to people. Showing empathy to others is good for you too.

Spread the love

Call your mom and tell her you love her. Appreciate those around you by letting them know what they mean to you. Not only does this make them feel good, but it reminds you of the good things in your life. This task takes nothing away from you and the benefits are priceless. Allowing yourself to care is great self-care.

Challenge yourself

An important part of self-care is growth. Don’t let yourself fall into a slump with no development. Challenging yourself will remind you that you are capable of more than you know. Play Sudoku, challenge a friend to a game of chess or train for a marathon.

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