Heather Walker

Heather Walker

Heather Walker is a London-based freelance journalist and former editor of TheSouthAfrican.com.

Joburg Soweto Stadium

Life after Nelson Mandela: What now for South Africa?

The week of mourning for Nelson Mandela has seen us reflect on how South Africa has changed in the last 20 years. For some this will mean a renewed sense of loyalty to the ANC — for others this focus on Madiba’s values brings home how out of sync some of our leaders are with his vision

I’m proud to be a child of the

I’m proud to be a child of the Mandela Dream

It has been an immense privilege to have witnessed firsthand such a historic time of great change. Despite the great challenges our country faces, I’m proud of far we’ve come. I’m humbled to have been a tiny part of the Mandela Miracle. I hope his leadership will continue to inspire us.

Romancing the stone: Leading Z

Romancing the stone: Leading Zimbabwean sculptor reflects on a life’s work

Veteran Zimbabwean stone sculptor Locadia Ndandarika has had her fair share of trials in life, including the death of a child and struggling to make ends meet as a single mother following her divorce from a husband who did not support her artistic dream. Her talent has taken her around the world and she hopes to exhibit her remarkable work in London soon.

When parents do social network

When parents do social networking

QUEEN AND KAYA | Parents’ online relationships with their offspring seem to follow a similar pattern: being so far away, your mom or dad likes to feel closer to you by liking and commenting on everything you ever post, usually along the lines of ‘You look so lovely darling. I miss you.’