Cape Town still a murder capit

Cape Town still a murder capital of the world

Despite Jo’burg’s reputation as the most dangerous city South Africa, it doesn’t make the shortlist list globally when it comes to murder. And while Cape Town is the gang capital of South Africa, this may not be the main reason for the high homicide stats.

Armed robbery ‘goes Pro’ [Vide

Armed robbery ‘goes Pro’ [Video]

A terrifying video goes viral with over 1,5 million hits in less than a week; initially assumed to be a clever ad campaign for GO PRO cameras, the clip turns into a crime fighting tool – and hopefully into a lesson for the criminals involved in the case

Hijack video goes viral [Watch

Hijack video goes viral [Watch]

South Africans both inside and outside the country – for whom the fight-or-flight response to crime is a divisive issue – have watched a hijacking caught on camera in their hundreds of thousands

Forensics to support the fight

Forensics to support the fight against Wildlife Crime

The first international rhinoceros DNA sampling training workshop was held in South Africa on 5 and 6 November 2013. The purpose of the workshop was to enhance the world’s enforcement capacity to address the wave of rhinoceros poaching that has resulted in the killing of 825 animals in South Africa since January 2013.

Oscar Pistorius and the hero-w

Oscar Pistorius and the hero-worship of South African sportsmen

There are murderers we instinctively greet as monsters. Reading of their exploits and seeking the damaged remnant of human mercy in them both entertains us, and reassures us that, say, the Modimolle Monster is not fundamentally the same as we and our loved ones are. Murderers, or those accused of murder, are entirely more troubling when they are people we emulated.