Oscar Pistorius’ sentencing st

Oscar Pistorius’ sentencing starts as the defense witnesses are cross-examined, pushing for community service rather than jail time

Gerrie Nel back in full swing as he lays into Barry Roux’s witnesses like only he can.

Oscar Pistorius’ sentencing st

As day one of Oscar’s sentencing gets underway, it’s clear that Roux’s team is buttering Judge Masipa, so as to rule on their preferred outcome; community service.

Witnesses called in defense of Oscar Pistorius seem to be his biggest fans right now. Painting a picture of a kind, victimised and broken man with a burning desire to be involved in charitable work. That’s how Dr. Lore Hartzenberg and Oscar’s manager Peet van Zyl portrayed the convicted criminal. The third defense witness Joel Maringa of the department of social services, seems to believe that house arrest and community service would be sufficient punishment for a man convicted of culpable homicide.

While the defense chucked out one pro-Oscar witness after the other, Gerrie Nel, true to form, batted and badgered them to the point of where some could hardly answer his questions. The sentencing will continue tomorrow.