Political crisis of a born-fre

Political crisis of a born-free South African

Some days ago I got to see democracy in action. Demonstrators had congregated on the town square in front of Durban City Hall in the hours leading up to the State of the Nation address. The cause: President Jacob Zuma’s reign and the corruption which seems to plague his and numerous other offices. Unfortunately, what I read as a protest taking issue with economic fraud and negligence devolved into race based polemics.

Zuma must go, says ANC struggl

Zuma must go, says ANC struggle veteran Barbara Hogan

Hogan, who has been a leading ANC member, spent nine years in prison for treason under the apartheid government. She served as Minister of Health (2008 to 2009) and Minister of Public Enterprises (2009 to 2010). She also chaired the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Finance from 1999 to 2004. She is credited with being the first Minister of Health in the post AIDS denialism period.

Farewell to a lovable revoluti

Farewell to a lovable revolutionary, Sadie Foreman

OBITUARY | Sadie Forman (1929-2014) was one of the most unconventional, interesting and lovable fighters in the South African anti-apartheid movement. She died on the morning of 11 December, aged 85. She spent the last years of her life with her daughter, Sara, in Lewes, in the East Sussex county of England. Her funeral will be held on 23 December.

‘One Humanity’ tells powerful
South Africans Abroad

‘One Humanity’ tells powerful narrative of South Africa’s rebirth

The documentary ‘One Humanity’ is an emotional time travelling trip recounting the occasion in which the whole world united for a common cause — the end of apartheid in South Africa. It poignantly conveys a singular message, which director Mickey Dube says he kept in his sights throughout: “I wanted to capture this essence of humanity, this soft part we call caring”.