A Peace Corps volunteer in rur

A Peace Corps volunteer in rural Mpumalanga | Exploring

I did some exploring last weekend in the mountains around me.

First, I decided to take a run up one of the mountains. A road winds up it, providing access to water company facilities and a private lodge. I discovered that a few more kilometers down the road, I run smack into a giant game reserve

The top five accolades awarded

The top five accolades awarded to Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius, who is currently awaiting trial for murder in South Africa, made his name as a sportsman par excellence and will go down in history for blurring the boundaries between disabled and able-bodied sport. Here’s our list of some of the top awards he has received in the past.


Die Top 10 Madiba-oomblikke

Nelson Mandela het ons uit Apartheid gelei, en Suid-Afrika het sodoende die ‘reënboognasie’ geword. Hier is ‘n lys van 10 ‘Madiba-oomblikke‘: tye wat hom die man wat hy is, en ons die nasie wat ons is, gemaak het.

The Top 10 Broadband Towns in

The Top 10 Broadband Towns in South Africa – and the World

The costs of tethering Africa’s great gateway economy to the the back of the pack in information technology are hard to quantify, but what is certain is that those costs are also simulataneously the measure of the financial rewards that await investors who can circumvent the existing infrastructure and legislation to deliver broadband at, say, Ethiopian levels.

CA:CO | Guns, People and Memor

CA:CO | Guns, People and Memory

In societies as unequal as the US and South Africa, crime is going to pay. When you add guns to that, crime is going to kill as well. While it does, there will be crime at crisis proportions in South Africa and that crime will gain a particular element of cruelty from South Africa’s vast aquifer of historical pain.

Antiques from Africa # 9

Antiques from Africa # 9

What strikes me when visiting London is the reaction to the various museums. On standing and taking this photo I was impressed by how many visitors the British Museum gets every day. What is really more interesting is how many young people there are in this mix, from all four corners of the globe. Once […]