The Optimist | Welcome, little

The Optimist | Welcome, little Prince

Going to be so funny to watch this tyke texting and twittering, and with Harry for an uncle, life will certainly not be boring

The Optimist | Welcome, little

1374622029000-XXX-ROYAL-BABY-ADS-1307231928_4_3In our world of instant gratification, the announcement of the birth of bonny young Windsor would have taken the form of a tweet, a iOS, an email or some other form of …yes! Done.

By the time the poor news agencies get a whiff of such priceless information, it’s old. And boring. Really, if anyone watched Sky News last night, once we saw the paper on easel at the gates of Buckingham Palace, the lids were drooping and drool threatening to escape like some of those passengers I always get.

Still better than drums announcing the birth to the world back in the heydays I suppose? Back to television. How to extend this breaking news — I know! Repeat, and repeat and repeat again.  Poor chaps, it’s difficult being taken seriously when a six year-old is standing at the hospital with a feed on Twitter. Now even Kim Kardashian can send a heartfelt message to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge before the dailies are out on sale. So, Happy Birthday, young prince. You are going to be part of this world. If you thought your granny Diana was hounded, there will be even less privacy for you. Every time your tiny face peeps from your carriage, someone will have you on camera.

It is going to be a tough time growing up. How wonderful though that we are able to share in such a happy occasion. This has been a boom time for the Royal family — a hat trick of Wedding, Jubilee and now the new baby heir to the British throne. England is as proud as punch…I doubt even the most ardent anti-royalists can deny the feel-good patriotism coursing through the veins of locals and foreigners on these shores. The spirit of optimism is in the air. Only, and this is just me — the occasion was for me touched with a twinge of sadness that Diana was not there.

She had her faults, but I wonder what kind of a granny she would have made? Certainly not one afraid to hug her grandchild or get down on the carpet to play some Lego.  Diana, I still believe, is the reason why so many of us became closer to the Royal Family. We loved to see her at her best, and at her worst, but mostly being human. A real mom. I think she would have made a fantastic granny.

As the young Prince of Cambridge alights upon this world, I wish him only joy. A healthy diet of love and attention, an opportunity to be himself and take his place in the world when the time comes.  It’s going to so funny to watch this tyke texting and twittering, and with Harry for an uncle, life will certainly not be boring.  His parents are the best he could wish for and after all, his great grandmother is the Queen of England! Now, as Callan says, all he has to do is marry Harper Beckham.



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