Bongani Mtlhavani

Bongani Mtlhavani

Bongani spends his time writing for various publications. He likes writing about business, trade, events and profiles. Above all he is an events enthusiast always on the lookout for upcoming conferences, expos and general events. He currently manages advertising accounts for all Blue Sky Group publications. Making sure that clients are happy completes his day.

Top 10 scientific discoveries

Top 10 scientific discoveries in South Africa

Recently Cape Town astronomer Roger Deane and a team of South African-funded researchers have discovered three closely orbiting super massive black holes in a galaxy more than 4-billion light years away – confirmation of the country’s fast-growing expertise in science and technology.

Blockout roller blinds – essen

Blockout roller blinds – essential for shift workers

APPROXIMATELY 1.4 million workers in Australia have full-time shift jobs that require them to work non-traditional hours, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. These are shift jobs that may require the workers to be on-duty with evening or night hours, rotating shift schedules or irregular schedules. The fact is that this type of work schedule can take a considerable toll on a person’s health, and a large part of the health effects related to this style of shift work relates the worker’s inability to get ample sleep at night. In addition to the health effects, decreased sleep can also increase workplace accidents and pose an additional threat to workers.

South African Extra Virgin Oli
Food & Wine

South African Extra Virgin Olive Oil shines among Italian stars

Morgenster extra virgin olive oil comes from Morgenster Estate in Somerset West outside Cape Town in South Africa. On 1 December 2013, in Rome, it was awarded the top score of 98 points out of a possible 100 in the international Flos Olei competition, and it was also jointly awarded the accolade “Made with Love” by the editors. It is one of only 11 oils to be awarded this score. The other ten farms are in Spain (two), Italy (seven) and Chile (one).