Edward Zuma and his wife

Edward Zuma and his wife

EXCLUSIVE: “Plotters can’t hold back their hatred of president” says Edward Zuma

In an exclusive interview with TSA, Edward Zuma, the president’s eldest son, says that there is proof of a ‘Remove Zuma Project’.

Edward Zuma and his wife

Edward Zuma and his wife

Edward Zuma says that a “plot” to remove president Jacob Zuma is intensifying, and that those working against his father can no longer hold back their hatred for the president.

Edward, the president’s eldest son, made the comments during an SMS interview with The South African on Monday night.

Jacob Zuma has been facing increased calls from within the African National Congress, opposition benches and civil society to resign since allegations of so-called state capture have been made public.

An application by the president to postpone the release of a report into such – compiled by former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela – will be heard in the Pretoria High Court today.

Zuma says he has not been given sufficient time to respond to allegations made in the report.

Ministers Des van Rooyen and Mosebenzi Zwane will also be presenting their cases today to keep the report from being released, while several political parties will be fighting for its release.

The report allegedly refers to Zuma’s friendship with the influential Gupta family, who are suspected of having a say in hiring and firing of ministers in order to suit their business agenda.

Edward has been a vocal supporter of his father, having previously said that he would defend the president with his life.

“[I say this] in my personal capacity, not as a family member nor as a member of the ANC,” Edward told TSA.

The way in which certain sections of society and certain senior ANC leaders in the National Executive Committee (NEC) and outside the NEC are so determined to see the president’s back through any means available – disregarding the president’s constitutionally protected rights – affirms one’s suspicion over the years [of a] plot to remove him from all leadership positions…” he told TSA.

He said that “Western powers” had joined the plot and had been conducting “projects” in South Africa to ensure the president’s downfall.

“[They are] seeing to it that the mandate they have been given is executed as soon as yesterday,” he said.

The proof of the plot, according to Edward, could be seen in “people who cannot hold their hatred back anymore, namely those that are calling for the president to resign and the NEC to resign. This is obviously frustration from Western powers as they have injected millions of dollars into the Remove Zuma Project.”

The above comment appears to be a swipe at, amongst others, the ANC’s chief whip, Jackson Mthembu, who said last week that the only way the party could redeem itself in the eyes of its supporters was for the entire NEC, including himself, to resign.

Satisfying the master

Edward told TSA that the “Remove Zuma Project” was planned and executed by those who wanted to “satisfy the master”, presumably Western powers.

[The master] always wants to see havoc and chaos in all African states as this then benefits the cause. A stable African nation isn’t what they want to see, thus they have always wanted to get rid of president Zuma at all costs,” he said.

“President Zuma completing his term isn’t what they were instructed to achieve, hence you are still going to have them spending sleepless nights plotting,” he said.

External forces had been at play for years, he said, and their patience had run out.

Additional evidence for the plot against his father was the “pending matter that is being handled by law enforcement agencies”.

He said that proof of the plot would be laid bare through the pending matter, so he could not divulge any further details.

While he wasn’t clear about which “pending matter”, in May Edward opened a case of corruption against businessman and billionaire Johann Rupert after Rupert called on the president to resign “for the sake of the children”.

The case was opened at the Nxamalala police station near Nkandla, the town where the president’s controversial R240-million home is situated.

Edward told TSA that “…those that make noise day in and day out cannot be ruled out of being part of a bigger plot, according to their behaviour”.

Although Edward spoke to TSA, it appears the president’s family has been ordered to close ranks. When a TSA translator contacted the president’s brother, Michael, on Monday with questions, he was told that the family had been instructed to no longer speak to the media.

Some of the president’s supporters have not been shy about accusing certain media houses in the alleged plot to bring about an “Arab spring” type revolution in South Africa.

Edward was also at first hesitant to answer TSA’s questions. “The problem I usually have is when you give people or journalists a story, they slush it and the [gist] of what one wants to be put across doesn’t come to be known by the public; a very serious concern not shared by me only…” he said.

The KwaZulu-Natal ANC and its youth league have been particularly vocal in support for Zuma and have also alleged there is a plot to overthrow the president.


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