petrol price July

A record petrol price rise looks set to batter South Africa next month – Photo: Unsplash

Sneak peak | Is THIS the petrol price for July? Grim figures revealed…

Well, this is depressing: The latest forecast for South Africa’s July petrol price is the very definition of ‘nightmare fuel’…

petrol price July

A record petrol price rise looks set to batter South Africa next month – Photo: Unsplash

Wake us up when the petrol price is back under R20-per-litre, please. Another nauseating fuel hike is coming our way in July, and with government scaling down its tepid interventions, consumers will once again be exposed to extortionate costs on the forecourt.

Fuel crisis: It goes from bad to worse…

South Africa is now on course to break its record-high petrol price for the fourth time this year, as motorists find themselves pushed to the brink once more. At the current rate, it’s not unreasonable to assume that some of us will be paying R30-per-litre at some point in 2022.

The government will only be taking 75-cents-per-litre off the General Fuel Levy next week, as opposed to the R1.50 reduction that has been in place since the start of April. That means the rising petrol price will be compounded, and some increases will shoot above R2.50-per-litre.

What will the petrol price be for July 2022?

According to the Central Energy Forecast, Grade 93 petrol is now on course to spike by R2.59-per-litre next week. Grade 95 petrol doesn’t have it any easier, and it’s set to go up by R2.39-per-litre. Wholesale diesel costs are like to increase by R2.38-per litre as well…

Estimated petrol price: Here’s how much it will likely cost us to fill-up our tanks next month

Motorists are gatvol with the situation, which isn’t being improved by any of the domestic or global factors that dictate our petrol price. The DA is frantically appealing for more taxes to be slashed from our fuel costs, but so far, the ANC government is refusing to play ball.

Filling our tanks up in July will, therefore, feel like an extreme sport. Here are all the estimated fuel costs for the month ahead. Each figure is based on the forecast per-litre-price, as stated by the CEF.


  • Petrol Grade 93: R25.88
  • Petrol Grade 95: R26.01
  • Diesel Wholesale: R24.85


  • Petrol Grade 93: R26.53
  • Petrol Grade 95: R26.56
  • Diesel Wholesale: R25.47