Hlaudi Motsoeneng

Hlaudi Motsoeneng. Image via Facebook @hlaudimotsoaneng

ANC Youth League demands Hlaudi Motsoeneng be made a cabinet minister

We sh*t you not, folks. The Youth League thinks Motsoeneng, the man who publicly said it’s a bad thing to be too educated, should serve at one of the highest tiers of government.

Hlaudi Motsoeneng

Hlaudi Motsoeneng. Image via Facebook @hlaudimotsoaneng

Hlaudi Motsoeneng — the man singlehandedly responsible for bankrupting the SABC and who stands accused of committing fraud and enriching himself and his mates through a dodgy R42 million tender — has reportedly claimed that he is the most powerful man in South Africa.

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Just last week the Western Cape High Court ordered that Motsoeneng be suspended and that under no circumstances may he be allowed to work at the SABC in any capacity. Even after the ruling, a defiant Hlaudi said that under his leadership the SABC had been transformed.

Well, yeah, he transformed a marginally functional national broadcaster into his own personal kingdom where, despite what the bank balance and viewership numbers say, everyone believed they were doing great.

In addition, it seems his delusions have spilled over into the KZN ANC Youth League as well. The provincial branch of the ruling party’s political kindergarten is insisting on a ministerial position for the man who lied to get his job as SABC COO; who has two court rulings and a damning Public Protector report hanging over his head.

“What we have done – it has never happened in the history of the SABC – where we closed our eyes and empower black people unapologetically,” Hlaudi said at an ANCYL event in Durban, adding that folks were talking about him, because he’s struck a nerve.

“If you go to SABC, you will realise that 90% contribution and solution is Hlaudi. That is the reason all these people making noise, they know in those meetings I defeat them.”


“I am still an SABC employee. I don’t have a title, but I am [an] employee of the SABC. I don’t need a title to change the lives of people, I need myself,” he said.

During his speech, Motsoeneng also targeted SABC board members who broke ranks with his loyalists.

“All of them used their vote to say that they agree with Hlaudi, today they are turning back to say, ‘Joh, it was Hlaudi who took that decision’. Which means I am the most powerful person in South Africa.”

“If those decisions [have] assisted SABC to [empower] black people, I am very proud,” he said.

Pity he never glanced at viewership numbers, as both Xhosa and Zulu viewership numbers fell by more than 300 000 each since Motsoeneng started his ‘revolution’ at the national broadcaster.

KZN ANCYL regional secretary Thinta Cibane told News24 that they would be pressuring government into making Hlaudi a cabinet minister, adding that the former SABC COO would “bring transformation” in government.

Cibane also lashed out at ANC MPs who are part of the parliamentary inquiry into the SABC board.

“It is ridiculous that these so-called ANC members agree publicly and privately with the DA and EFF. This is nothing more than antics leading up to the elective conference of 2017,” Cibane said.