ANC Youth League worried as ra

(Photo by Dudu Zitha/City Press/Gallo Images/Getty Images)

ANC Youth League worried as racial incidents reach highest numbers yet

The ANC Youth League (ANCYL) slammed the increase in the number of alleged racist incidents on Tuesday, saying that it signals a “resurgence of racial arrogance”.

ANC Youth League worried as ra

(Photo by Dudu Zitha/City Press/Gallo Images/Getty Images)

“These racist incidences can no longer be classified as ‘pockets of incidents’ but they show a deeper underlying racial hatred that continues to exist in our society,” the ANCYL said in a press release.

The ANCYL said it believed that structural inequality was to blame for the imagined sense of “superiority”.

“The fact that the ownership structure of capital and the share in the economy of the country continues to be predominantly white, is what continues to feed the arrogance shown by racists.

The ANCYL holds a firm view that if we do not tamper with the current ownership structure of our economy, we will not undermine white supremacy.”

The Youth League said it plans to place pressure on the national government for legislation to be drafted that makes racism a crime punishable by imprisonment.

“We can no longer file for charges that only result in fines. We should criminalise racism with a minimum jail sentence of 10 years.”

There have been several incidences of alleged racism the past month.

On December 3, News24 reported that Vanessa Hartley allegedly posted on Facebook that Africans are “like stupid animals”. On December 12, at a Cape Town eatery, Clark’s, coloured clientele were allegedly asked to leave after an apparent racist spat with a white woman.

On Sunday, Sandton resident Ben Sasonof commented on a picture of a crowded Durban beach saying it “must have smelt like the inside of Zuma’s asshole”.