“I realised that I will not re

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“I realised that I will not resign on my own, that would be surrendering to the white monopoly.” Zuma

El presidente’s lashed out at those people who questioned his firing of former finance minister Nhlanhla Nene, and insisted all the fuss was caused by South Africans’ lack of understanding of the situation.

“I realised that I will not re

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So, on Wednesday Zuma was chatting to about 2000 people at the ANC Youth League’s Economic Freedom Lecture when he decided to touch on his firing of Nhlanhla Nene and the subsequent economic fallout.

The president, who clearly knows more about economics than all the economists, ratings agencies and experts combined, told supporters that the country didn’t know what was happening during the firing of Nene.

“They called it the Nene disaster. But is the nation really aware of what is happening?” Zuma then said it was his decision, in December 2015, to fire Nene and appoint Des van Rooyen… a nobody backbencher with questionable skills at best.

“The monopoly capital and their stooges attacked me,” Zuma said.

The president’s decision to fire Nene led to the South African economy haemorrhaging more than R500 billion and the collapse of the Rand.

Not long after Nenegate, state capture became a national buzzword, with ministers and senior politicians blowing the whistle on Zuma’s close friendship with the infamous Gupta family and how they were allegedly influencing the appointment of ministers, awarding of tenders and business deals with government… all under Zuma’s protection.

Report: Zuma protected the Guptas while they laundered millions from Transnet tenders

Deputy finance minister Mcebisi Jonas, in a shocking revelation, said that the Guptas had offered him Nene’s job weeks before Zuma fired the then finance minister.

On the topic of economic transformation — or in Zuma’s case, feathering his cabal’s nests so they won’t stab him in the back — Zuma said the people in charge of the economy have control over everything, including the media — a strange comment to make, seeing as his Gupta mates control TNA media, the company allegedly used to launder tax money into their own bank account, and his Hlaudi Motsoeneng controls the national broadcaster –.

“They can paint you black, even if you are not,” el presidente said, adding that the rich are able to buy som people… no shit! Zuma soon leapt to one of his camp’s favourite excuses for their utter incompetence, saying that there are calls for his resignation from an “international chamber.”

“I realised that I will not resign on my own, that would be surrendering to the white monopoly.”

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