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Tips to keep a cool head in the midst of uncertain times

I do not think it is an exaggeration to say that our nation is currently under siege. Staying indoors has become the new norm for many and students are no exception.

exercise health and fitness

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It used to be that South Africans were some of the most loving and understanding people in the world, but due to our current situation, we are growing into a cold and distant nation. Various challenges have arisen as a result of the isolation that we have to endure with many people suffering from depression and anxiety.

So how do we keep a cool head in the midst of uncertainty? Here’s a few remedies to beat the lockdown blues.

Limited news exposure to trusted sources

It is no doubt that every news station in the world is reporting a lot on the issue of the lock down and the resulting consequences. My No 1 philosophy is: Minimal news is great news.

What this means is trying to restrict yourself to a maximum of five credible sources where you can get all your information. This will restrict the amount of conflicting information you expose yourself to and therefore potentially help you calm down and reduce your anxiety levels

Keep in touch

In a world where physical contact with family and friends is restricted, the best replacement at this time is our social media platforms. Most of us feel anxious not only because of the restrictions that have been placed on our movements, but also on the restrictions that have been placed on our daily interactions.

Completely isolate a human being from other humans, and he will drive himself crazy. As human beings, social interaction is one of the very essences of our being. So in a world of uncertainty, the only way to be sure of anything happening outside our own little borders, is to stay in touch.

A sit-up a day keeps the bad thoughts away

The transition from being very active individuals as students to an idle couch potato does have negative effects on one’s mental health.

The best way to combat long periods of free time and potential boredom, is to become active. Of course most of us use the excuse of gyms not being open, but the one question I always ask in response is: Why not bring the gym to you?

You do not need a exercise machine to be active. Just simply do 10 laps of jogging around your house or apartment. Even just 20 sit-ups would do the trick.

A problem shared, is a problem halved

For the first time in human history, the phrase “we are in this together” has taken on an actual meaning. The number one way to keep a cool head is to seek help when you need it. Remember that for a every problem you are facing, there is at least one other person out there going through a slightly similar experience who could understand and help.

Sonia Gandhi once said: “Together we can face any challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky.”

Turn that frown upside down

Lastly, we must remember although these are gloomy times, nothing bad lasts forever. When times are tough it does not help to dwell on the negative aspects. One thing that we must all remember is that we have gone through some turbulent times before and we have always come out stronger and better…For when the sun sets today, it will rise and shine tomorrow.