Why Haimov Jewelers is sought-after by popular celebrities

Why Haimov Jewelers is sought-after by popular celebrities. Image credit: AdobeStock

Why Haimov Jewelers is sought-after by popular celebrities

(Partner Content) The designs made by Haimov Jewelers are exceptional and exquisite that even fashion icon Paris Hilton is a customer of them.

Why Haimov Jewelers is sought-after by popular celebrities

Why Haimov Jewelers is sought-after by popular celebrities. Image credit: AdobeStock

The shining, shimmering pieces of jewelry worn by remarkable icons in the entertainment industry always have the public in remarkable admiration. While there are numerous jewelry stores, stars like Jason Derulo often find themselves wanting customised pieces made by Haimov Jewelers.

Haimov Jewelers is a Miami-based jewelry store, and it is a family-owned business that is headed by their chief executive officer, Igal Haimov. This store is well-known by superstars because of its originality and creativity.

Haimov Jewelers. Image credit: Supplied

How Haimov Jewelers Managed to Have a Large Clientele

To be recognized by some of the most famous personalities is already a joy to revel in. To have them consistently buy most of the pieces you create means Haimov Jewelers is indeed remarkable and doing something right.

The history of Haimov Jewelers

Igal Haimov, the current chairperson and CEO, has always been a creative individual. He has always had in him the talent in crafting intricate designs for jewelry. His dad was a taxi driver, and people mistakenly assume that he was the one who inspired young Igal to become a jewelry manufacturer.

In fact, during his younger years, Igal had an encounter with a jeweler. The jeweler saw the potential Igal had and knew it would be a waste if it would not be actualised. With that, he introduced Igal to the industry. Several years went by, and the jeweler was right because, in 1989, Igal opened the doors for his own jewelry store which he has been successfully running for 30 years.

What the store values

Originality, quality, and craftsmanship have always been the fundamental values of everyone who are a part of Haimov Jewelers. They pour their hearts into crafting original designs for their customers. They even specialise in making customised pieces, by remaining true to the saying, “If you can dream it, we can create it.”

Igal and his family have always perceived jewelry as more than just an accessory, and more than just another good addition that beautifies the person wearing them. Instead, they recognise it as art, so they patiently create each one because they are believers that art takes time. Ever since the beginning, they always value quality over quantity because that is what their customers deserve.

Dealing with conflicts

Conflicts in the business world are inevitable, but the members of Haimov Jewelers always focus on working together towards a grand mission. When they are presented with obstacles, although rare, they continually strive to overcome them by seeing the best in everything. Haimov Jewelers fight hindrances to success by constantly keeping a positive, confident, and optimistic spirit.


Haimov Jewelers is planning to expand its network of stores worldwide. New York, Dubai, and Paris are just some of the places they are excited to venture. Haimov Jewelers is a well-known jewelry store not just because many celebrities know them. They are highly praised and recommended because of the values they uphold, the passion they put into their work, and the skills they continuously deploy to creating new and beautiful pieces of jewelry. Haimov Jewelers can be followed on Instagram and YouTube.