How every order is fulfilled at Platinum Times Co.

How every order is fulfilled at Platinum Times Co. Image credit: AdobeStock

How every order is fulfilled at Platinum Times Co.

(Partner Content) A distinguished gentleman is never without a timeless watch. Platinum Times Co. shares how to find the perfect watch for you.

How every order is fulfilled at Platinum Times Co.

How every order is fulfilled at Platinum Times Co. Image credit: AdobeStock

Among the countless companies in the luxury watch industry, Platinum Times Co. could be considered one of the very best. After its significant 50% rise in its sales within the last year, the rate of annual orders coming in increased from hundreds to thousands. The client base has expanded as well to include citizens from more than 20 countries.

This overwhelming success couldn’t have been possible if the Platinum Times Co. team wasn’t proficient at what they do. They are on standby to receive orders and inquiries from potential buyers 24/7 with the goal of providing the best customer service possible. Their organisation and their dedication to fulfilling each order they receive are some of the biggest reasons behind the brand’s stellar reputation.

How Platinum Times Co. Manages its Orders

Platinum Times Co. Image credit: Supplied

Platinum Times Co. caters to customers worldwide and is renowned for the quality of both its products and its service. In order to maintain this reputation, all orders are processed and shipped as quickly yet carefully as possible.

Locating the customer’s desired watch

Platinum Times Co. is praised for being able to locate any timepiece the customer is interested in, no matter how rare it is. The employees will first search for the order from the 2,000 watches in the company’s inventory. If the specific timepiece is not located, the team will immediately look for other means to source it, both locally and internationally.

If the watch is found, the company will then purchase it from the reseller company. Then, the next step of the transaction begins.

Selling the watch to the buyer

In the next step of the transactional process, Platinum Times Co. will relay to the customer the final cost of their chosen timepiece. If they agree to go through with the purchase, the company will ship it as soon as the necessary requirements are fulfilled.

However, in instances where the customer decides not to continue with the transaction, Platinum Times Co. will still purchase the watch from the third-party reseller. While they may lose money in the deal, Platinum Times Co. considers it a vital aspect of their company policy to never cancel a deal that they have started. Instead, the watch will be added to the company’s ever-growing inventory, waiting for another buyer to find interest in it.

Following up with the customer

Platinum Times Co. is trusted by its customers because of the authenticity of the products they sell. Being that the company wants to maintain this reputation, the Platinum Time Co. team ensures that all of its buyers are satisfied with the quality of their timepieces. They always follow up with their customers and make it a point to quickly resolve any issues that a client might have with their products.

Platinum Times Co. is internationally renowned for its exceptional commitment to its customers and for the extra steps it takes to ensure their satisfaction. To that end, the company even offers an 18-month warranty and a 10-day return policy to help relieve customers of any purchasing worries.