Big Zulu Sol Phenduka

Big Zulu’s style has been mocked by Sol Phenduka. Image via Twitter

LOL: Sol Phenduka roasts Big Zulu’s style in hilarious post

LOL! Sol Phenduka wasted no time roasting rapper Big Zulu’s style and Twitter users found it pretty hilarious. Take a look…

Big Zulu Sol Phenduka

Big Zulu’s style has been mocked by Sol Phenduka. Image via Twitter

Ever since his big hit Imali Emingini, Big Zulu has become one of South Africa’s biggest and most talked about artists. His name is on everyone’s lip even local radio host Sol Phenduka recently poked a bit of fun at the KwaZulu-Natal rapper who is currently basking in his success.

Sol hilariously joked about the gentle giant’s style which has evolved considerably since he started making big bank.

Sol Phenduka jokes about Big Zulu’s style

If you don’t know who Big Zulu is, then you’ve probably been living under a rock.

The rapper reached star status with his big hit Imali Eminingi which features the late rapper Riky Rick.

The song went viral in South Africa as thousands of people started participating in the Duduzane Zuma challenge which featured the song.

Ever since then, Big Zulu has become one of the country’s respected artists.

This doesn’t however protect him from being roasted about his style.

KayaFM host Sol Phenduka recently joked about the rapper’s fashion sense and it is hilarious.

After spotting the star wearing shorts, an Emtee shirt, long socks, and boots, in an old photo, Sol wrote:

“Kanti when did Big Zulu start wearing ama Brentwood and stuff.”

Mzansi is in stitches

The post went viral as many discussed Big Zulu’s style choices.

Some of them defended the rapper while adding that Sol is probably holding a grudge against him:

@Prinze77325597 said:

“I feel Sol supports anyone dissing INKABI. You don’t like INKABI, braa Sol.”

@lumie_m added:

 “After he made money through music, clearly he always loved Brentwood and Carvela just that he didn’t afford them. And when he did, he overbought them and he just can’t let them go.”

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