Mental health pledge? Miss SA

Shudufhadzo Musida gets trolled on Twitter. Image via Instagram @shudufhadzomusida

Mental health pledge? Miss SA tweets about pizza amid #JusticeForLufuno

Miss South Africa Shudufhadzo Musida was trolled on Twitter for her ‘pizza post’ instead of speaking out about mental health after the suicide of a bullied teen.

Mental health pledge? Miss SA

Shudufhadzo Musida gets trolled on Twitter. Image via Instagram @shudufhadzomusida

Miss South Africa 2020 Shudufhadzo Musida, who reportedly struggled with her mental health and anxiety for years after suffering from childhood bullying, has vowed to use her Miss South Africa platform to create mental health awareness. She also hosts the #MindfulMondays series on her Instagram page every Monday.

However, following the outcry caused by the suicide of bullied teen Lufuno Mavhungo this week, Musida shocked Twitter users when she rather tweeted about pizza than mental health on Tuesday 13 April.


This week has been heartbreaking for South Africa with the loss of two young ladies. On Sunday 11 April, rapper AKA’s fiancée Anele “Nelli” Tembe plunged to her death from the 10th floor of the Pepperclub Hotel in Cape Town. Rumours circulating around her death predominantly focus on the fact that the 22-year-old has been suffering from depression. 

On Monday, 15-year-old Lufuno Mavhungu committed suicide after a clip of her being bullied in a Limpopo school yard went viral. Police confirmed that the suicide was linked to the bullying incident in which the girl was beaten up by another learner, as Lufuno locked herself in her room on her return from school and overdosed on pills.


The Twitter timeline is currently filled with condolences to family of the teenager as the topic of mental health issues came to the fore. Twitter users have been sharing their personal experiences in an attempt to raise and also continued to raise awareness around the subject.

Needless to say, Twitter users expected a mental health advocate such as Miss South Africa to weigh in on the matter and come out in support of #JusticeForLufono. Tweeps pointed out that mental health is one of the key issues Miss SA pledged to focus on during her reign.

However, Miss SA instead posted a light-hearted comment about pizza which ruffled a few feathers…

“I believe that a slice of pizza tastes nicer when you fold it,” wrote Shudufhadzo Musida in a tweet. 


Tweeps questioned why Musida was quiet about the suicide of Lufuno Mavhungu. 

The reasoning behind these Twitter users’ comments is that at a time like this, they expect influential people, especially those who advocate for mental health to use their platforms to help raise awareness and fight for justice. 

However, other Twitter users jumped to Musida’s defence saying it was just an innocent tweet and she may not have seen the news yet or she needed more facts. 


Following the backlash she received from Twitter Musida, took to her Insta Stories — which are no longer available — to share her own experiences with bullying.

“When I was between the age of 11 and 12, I got beaten up so badly by a group of guys and girls, and I remember apologising so much. I remember the girls cheering on the guy that was kicking my ribs until I realised that it wouldn’t stop. So I didn’t bother crying because I knew it wouldn’t help,” said Musida.

“My mom knew little about the bullying, but never knew how bad it was. I was in pain for about a week, but I couldn’t tell anyone. The Lufuno story is so triggering. All I can see is how she stood there and didn’t do anything because you get to that point,” she added.

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