Katlego Danke newborn baby

Katlego Danke and her newborn baby. Image via Instagram @katlegodankeofficial

Katlego Danke finally shares her newborn baby’s picture

Katlego Danke left Gomora when she was pregnant and has shared a picture with her newborn baby for the first time.

Katlego Danke newborn baby

Katlego Danke and her newborn baby. Image via Instagram @katlegodankeofficial

South African actress Katlego Danke finally shared a picture with her newborn baby while breastfeeding on 23 February.

Katlego Danke remains one of the most talented actresses in the country and has been in top drama series like Generations and Gomora. Over the years, she made headlines when she had her firstborn daughter, where some fans connected her to Patrice Motsepe.

Indeed, the Patrice Motsepe and Danke saga had been a mystery for years and refused to go away. A few months ago, a young lady trended on TikTok after she claimed to be Katlego’s daughter.

Fans flew to her handle asking if she was Motsepe’s daughter, but she did not reveal anything. Now, the lady herself had shared a picture of her baby on Instagram and Connie Chiume showed her love.

“My baby😂.Perfect formula, God’s formula!!!😍😍😍” Connie said.

Katlego Danke newborn baby
Katlego Danke. Image via Instagram @katlegodankeofficial


Regarding motherhood and breastfeeding, Katlego Danke penned a lengthy message about her experience.

“Trying to negotiate your breast from someone using you as a human pacifier when they really should be awake anyway and eating their porridge is the part of motherhood they do not discuss in pre-natal classes,” she said, speaking of her experience.


After Katlego Danke shared a picture of her newborn baby, her fans spoke of their parenting experiences.

@Octavia Andisiwe “You are such a humble so 😍 never in my life Have I seen a celebrity intact with everyone on their comment section … they are always selecting who they respond to.😍 I’m touched by your heart ♥ may the good lord bless you Sesi❤️”

@Esme Molefe “I find it’s mostly the boys🙈 My girl was happy to move on, but my son is still a problem now and then😂”

@Zethu Manyati “My son just turned one last month. I’m still trying to find ways to get him off the boobie. As a first-time mom, I feel like motherhood has so many layers that I had to uncover myself 😂😂 imagine negotiating with a one-year-old!? 😢😭”