Bonang Matheba's

Media personality Bonang Matheba . Image: Instagram@bonang_m

‘Every vote counts!’: Bonang Matheba urges fans to register to vote

‘Good work. So patriotic’: Fans have sung Bonang’s praise after she headed online to encourage people to register to vote.

Bonang Matheba's

Media personality Bonang Matheba . Image: Instagram@bonang_m

Seasoned media personality Bonang Matheba has always been passionate about politics and never shies away from bashing a deserving politician. The star is famous for blasting former Arts and Culture minister Zizi Kodwa for his incompetence and even gave current Minister Zizi Kodwa a warning when he first took on the position.

And now the star is using her influence to encourage South Africans to register to vote as registrations are closing at midnight on Friday, 23 February.

Many have admired her outspoken ways when it comes to SA’s politicians and the state of the country.

Bonang urges Mzansi to register to vote

Bonang Matheba is one of many local celebrities who have used their voices and platforms to shine a spotlight on the country’s political situation.

She is well known for blasting politicians who she feels can do better.

Media personality Bonang Matheba. Images via Instagram: @bonang_m

Queen B says, ‘Go and register!’

This week, she has dedicated a lot of her time to urging people to register to vote. Earlier this week, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the country’s national elections will take place on 29 May this year.

Many are waiting eagerly to go to voting stations and vote for the party they believe will carry the country forward.

Bonang has reminded everyone that it won’t be possible if they do not register to vote — especially since registration closes tonight.

“Good morning, South Africans. TODAY is the last day to register… the voter roll closes at MIDNIGHT! Please register to vote NOW- send this link to all your friends & family,” she wrote while adding:

“Every single vote counts!!!! Please hey… gwa nyiwa!! Please register.”

Many applauded her for using her voice to encourage her followers and fans to do the right thing.

“Good work. So patriotic,” one person commented.