riky rick

Late rapper Riky Rick. Image: @rikyrickworld/Instagram

RIP Riky Rick: Inside the late rapper’s fun family times

It has been two years since Riky Rick passed on. In honour of his memory, here are photos of him and his family in happier times.

riky rick

Late rapper Riky Rick. Image: @rikyrickworld/Instagram

On this day two years ago, Riky Rick was confirmed dead by his family. According to reports, the rapper took his life and was found by his management team at around 8:30 in the morning. On the two-year anniversary of his death, thousands of his fans have headed online to share tributes with the star and his family.

The 34-year-old leaves behind two children, Jordan aged 12, and Maik aged eight. He also left behind his wife Bianca Naidoo who he was married to for over nine years.

Riky Rick was well known for being a family man and absolutely adored his wife and children. Before his passing, he shared many photos of them together. Let’s have a look…

Riky Rick: Inside his family picture book

Over the years, the rapper has given his fans a little look into his family life and has shared a number of photos of his wife and his two sons.

Here are some of their most precious memories together…

Last year, he shared this clip of himself singing and dancing with Bianca:

This photo was taken of the couple shortly after a video of them went viral that left Tweeps questioning whether or not Bianca was still happy in the relationship.

A doting dad

In this photo, the rapper spends time with his son Maik at an ice rink.

This photo of the rapper and his son melted many of the hearts of his fans. One of them even referred to him as “a genuine family man.”

He posted this photo of his little ones on Heritage Day:

In this cute clip, Maik helps his dad sort Cotton Fest merchandise.

This family photo shows all of them spending time at the beach:

Here the beautiful family appears to be enjoying a lovely vacation together.