SA Miss Universe winners

Former Miss Universe winners share advice. Image credit: X @ZoziTunzi @DemiLeighTebow

How to win Miss Universe: tips from Zozi and Demi

Ahead of the 2023 Miss Universe, we look back at advice that previous winners, Zozi Tunzi and Demi-Leigh Tebow have offered.

SA Miss Universe winners

Former Miss Universe winners share advice. Image credit: X @ZoziTunzi @DemiLeighTebow

Miss Universe is one of the most tightly contested pageants on the planet, and perhaps the universe. We’ve dug deep to find advice on how to win the competition from former South African winners, Zozibini Tunzi and Demi-Leigh Tebow (nee Nel-Peters)

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On the 19th of November 2023, South Africans will be waking up to support Bryoni Govender as she looks to become the fourth woman from South Africa to win the pageant. Bryoni is already widely regarded as an early favourite and has shone in the preliminary rounds already. Now, ahead of the grand finale itself, she’ll be leaning on any advice she can get to edge out the competition for the crown.

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We’ve looked back at what previous winners, Zozibini Tunzi and Demi-Leigh Tebow have said about what it takes to win Miss Universe


Back in 2021, shortly after she was about to pass the crown, Zozibini Tunzi shared some advice to those who were in the running. Although this was nearly two years ago, the advice still applies today.

Speaking at a press junket at the time she advised, “My biggest advice is that I want them to know they’ve already done an incredible job, by winning their national pageants and by the time you get to Miss Universe, be ready to compete but just know you’ve already worked hard so make those memories and don’t forget to have fun!”

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Zozibini also added the importance of being present and in the moment. She continued, “Don’t pay attention to what people are saying about you at that time, because it is YOU who is competing, YOU have to be there.”


Demi-Leigh’s advice was grounded in the fact that authenticity is what eventually triumphs on the grand stage. She believes that people who live and breathe their morals are most likely to find their way to the crown.

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Speaking in 2017 she advised, “If you want to be Miss Universe, you have to think, work and be like her already. You don’t need a sash or crown to be a Miss Universe. You can be a leader in your community without having a title.”

Bryoni Govender will be elated if she can replicate the efforts and bring home another Miss Universe crown.