SK Khoza relationship woes

SK Khoza. Image via Instagram @dr_maweni @skcoza

‘Gogo Maweni never rest’: SK Khoza’s continued relationship woes get Mzansi talking

SK Khoza’s continued relationship woes have left fans saying Gogo Maweni is working overtime without resting.

SK Khoza relationship woes

SK Khoza. Image via Instagram @dr_maweni @skcoza

Sthembiso ‘SK’ Khoza’s continuing relationship woes have left fans pointing fingers at Gogo Maweni.

The actor took to social media to show how much his girlfriend had beaten him up in London.

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Currently, SK Khoza is said to be in the hospital as he recovers from the injuries he sustained.

The news shocked many in South Africa, given that SK Khoza was said to be a trained martial artist.

Sharing with his fans, SK Khoza spoke of his fiance’s behaviour saying:

 “She was like a possessed demon”

SK Khoza relationship woes
SK Khoza. Image via Instagram @skcoza


In the pictures that made rounds on Twitter, SK Khoza looked injured and on a hospital bed.

Many fans wished him a quick recovery, but others had other words.

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Some said that Gogo Maweni’s things made him struggle in relationships like this.

Below are some of the top comments from Twitter.

“I thought o nale black belt him and Abdul mos”

“😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣, So was he supposed to Jackie Chan the fiancé?”

“Moloi ke moloi okase moloiolle, Maweni ganyako bona mjita ale happy”

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“Kore Maweni ga a batle go bona mjita ale happy dilo tsa gae di betha bele”

“Muti wa Gogo Maweni working overtime”

“With this guy anything is possible. He might have started a fight. But whatever it is, he need to do some introspection.”


According to Zalebs, SK Khoza was engaged to Ayanda Hlowangwane in 2021 and even expected a baby before a miscarriage.

Their relationship ended with Ayanda accusing SK of physically abusing her, causing the miscarriage.

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After that, he went on to date Gogo Maweni, and the relationship seemed to change SK Khoza’s life.

Breaking up, Gogo Maweni had harsh words that convinced fans that she bewitched him.

The claim is still challenging to deny as SK Khoza struggles with relationships.