DJ Sbu MoFaya

DJ Sbu has shared his thoughts on buying designer. Image via Instagram @djsbulive

The goal isn’t Gucci: DJ Sbu drops some wise words

DJ Sbu has warned people against spending their money on luxury brands and cars. He says getting land is the real goal.

DJ Sbu MoFaya

DJ Sbu has shared his thoughts on buying designer. Image via Instagram @djsbulive

South Africans have been left full of inspiration after musician turned entrepreneur DJ Sbu — real name Sbusiso Leope — shared a strong word of advice on social media platform X. Sbu has had his ups and downs as an entrepreneur and definitely knows a thing of two about business.

Because of this, many who read his advice, rushed to the comment section to praise him for being so open and insightful.

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DJ Sbu drops sage advice

Over the years, South African entrepreneur DJ Sbu has faced a plethora of hardships in the business world.

He also faces constant ridicule online as people accuse him of being desperate and overbearing for his aggressive sale techniques.

Despite this, he works hard at growing his Mofaya energy drink brand and in the last few months, made some big strides.

DJ Sbu
DJ Sbu is working hard to turn MoFaya into a big. Image via Twitter @djsbu

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Just a few weeks ago, he announced that the energy drink will be sold inside Shoprite stores, nine years after he first tried to make it happen.

And now he has headed online to share some advice:

“The Goal isn’t Gucci Bags & Ferraris. It’s Hectares & Hectares of Land,” he wrote in a tweet. Take a look below:

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Mzansi weighs in

Many headed to the comment section to share just how much they agree with his sentiments. Many commended him for avoiding the designer label craze that has gripped South African celebrities.

“We need this kind of education in our schools,” one person said while another added:

“Goal is…Investments that will eventually afford you to pay for the ferrari’s Bentleys etc”

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