Conor McGregor and Machine Gun Kelly at the VMAs

Conor McGregor (L) and Machine Gun Kelly (R) at the MTV VMAs
Image via Twitter

Red carpet raucous: Conor McGregor & MGK come to blows [video]

UFC champion Conor McGregor kicked off after rocker Machine Gun Kelly refused to take a picture with him on the MTV VMAs red carpet…

Conor McGregor and Machine Gun Kelly at the VMAs

Conor McGregor (L) and Machine Gun Kelly (R) at the MTV VMAs
Image via Twitter

Conor McGregor has proved he is a hot head both in and out of the boxing ring- and his appearance at the MTV VMAs is just another example of it!

The UFC champion caused a raucous on the red carpet after a celebrity encounter didn’t go according to plan.


According to insiders a tiff between Conor McGregor and musician Machine Gun Kelly broke out after the rocker refused to grant “The Notorious” a picture with him.

MGK was walking the red carpet with his girlfriend Megan Fox whilst Conor made a show at the awards ceremony with partner and baby mama Dee Devlin.

After being snubbed over a selfie, Conor – wearing a hot pink blazer – reportedly exchanged words with the Bloody Valentine hitmaker who pushed him back in anger, causing him to spill his drink.

Conor reacted in pure rage, throwing his drink at Machine Gun Kelly and Megan who were hurriedly escorted away from the crowd.

The irate Irish athlete – who boasts celeb pals like Rihanna and Rita Ora – had to be restrained by security.

Whilst MGK brushed off the incident, Conor took a swipe at him during his interview with Entertainment Tonight. He said of the altercation: “I don’t even know the guy to be honest with you….Nothing happened with me. I only fight real fighters. People that actually fight. I certainly don’t fight little Vanilla Ice white rappers.

“I don’t even know the guy. I don’t know anything about him, except that he’s with Megan Fox.”

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Meanwhile Conor McGregor – who is known for his flashy lifestyle – has bragged about owning the biggest Rolex that exists.

The dad of two showed off the Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II in 18 carat yellow gold, which set him back a cool $50 000 (R711 000).

He shared a picture of his pricey possession on Instagram with the caption: “The biggest Rolex there is. The yacht master 2. A 44mm size face. Full gold. A solid gold beast with a white face. This one takes me back. Timeless!”.

And surprisingly it’s not the most expensive timepiece Conor has in his collection.

The boxer also owns a Jacob & Co’s Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette, valued at over $1 million (R15 million).