‘My veins are blue’: Coconut K

Social media sensations Coconut Kelz and Lasizwe Dambuza. Images via Instagram @coconut_kelz @lasizwe.

‘My veins are blue’: Coconut Kelz supports the DA vs Lasizwe’s EFF vote

Coconut Kelz asked her followers to go vote for the DA while Lasizwe Dambuza pleaded with his followers to vote for the EFF.

‘My veins are blue’: Coconut K

Social media sensations Coconut Kelz and Lasizwe Dambuza. Images via Instagram @coconut_kelz @lasizwe.

Social media stars Lesego Tlhabi, popularly known as Coconut Kelz and Lasizwe Dambuza shared their political opinions via video posted on Instagram today (1 November).


Coconut Kelz is an alter ego created by Lesego Tlhabi which represents a “self-loathing black woman.” Her comedic relief videos where she acts like a “coconut” — black on the outside and white on the inside, quickly gained popularity on social media.

This is similar to the way Lasizwe shot to fame. He also made comedic videos on social media which led to him now having 1.3 million followers on Instagram and the same amount on Twitter. 

The social media sensations combined their skills to promote the municipal elections which takes place today (1 November). In the video, Coconut Kelz, staying true to her character asks her followers to vote for the Democratic Alliance (DA) while Lasizwe asks his followers to vote for the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

“Howzit guys, its me Kelz, obviously. Just a notice for tomorrow’s elections, vote DA — white and bright,” says Coconut Kelz.

“Stop this! No, vote EFF! Your blood is red,”says Lasizwe.

“But my veins are blue,” she replies.

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While the topic of colourism continues on social media, Lasizwe brought up skin colour in the conversation. He tells Coconut Kelz that she is darker in skin tone and brings up his sister, actress Khanyi Mbau. 

Khanyi is rumoured to have bleached her skin to a lighter shade. Coconut Kelz then threw shade at the Red Room star saying that they have the same doctor.

“Kelz, what skin colour are you?” asks Lasizwe.

“A mediterranean white,” she replies.

“You are delusional. You are darker than me. I can understand if you are my sister’s skin tone,” says Lasizwe.

“Okay I am, me and Khanyi actually have the same doctor,” she responded. 

Khanyi was not too bothered as she commented “lol” on the post.


“PLEASE!!!! Don’t listen to her, She is delusional. @coconut_kelz ! ????????‍♂️ VOTE EFF✊???? @effsouthafrica,” the video was captioned.

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