Lebo M

Lebo M has joined Action SA. Image via Instagram: @thereallebom

‘Voting for dignity’: Lebo Morake joins Herman Mashaba’s Action SA

‘I am exhausted with the level of crime and corruption,’ wrote Lebo M who just announced that he is joining Herman Mashaba’s Action SA.

Lebo M

Lebo M has joined Action SA. Image via Instagram: @thereallebom

Lebo Morake is the latest celebrity to dip his toes into South African politics and it appears that Lion King producer Herman Mashaba’s Action SA has tickled his fancy. The movie producer took to social media on Sunday 31 October where he announced that he will be joining the party while expressing what he is hoping to achieve.

Lebo M becomes an Action SA man

The last few weeks have been quite busy for South African political parties as they all scrambled to secure voters around the country. While some parties were securing voters, others were securing celebrities to help them appeal to the general public.

It appears that reality TV star and Lion King producer Lebo Morake has been snatched by Action SA and he seems to be quite optimistic that the party can offer the solutions that South Africa so desperately needs.

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Taking to Instagram Lebo shared a post that reads:

“We are about voting for Dignity November 1, 2021 #hermanmashaba4mayor #ActionSA #hermanmashabaforjhb. We are exhausted from explaining corruption and crime to our friends all over the world and to our children. we are busy campaigning for change and hope for our children AKERE.”

He also shared a snap of himself wearing some Action SA gear.

Netizens have varying reactions

The post obviously got the attention of his fans who quickly headed to the comment section where they either criticised him for joining the party or defended his decision.

kmary.tlou said:

“Let’s pave the future of our children’s ???????? ????????????????????????????????????”

davidmuriithi said:

“Well done Lebo. We might need your help here in Kenya next year too????????”

‘Exhausted with crime’

Speaking to the Daily Sun Lebo shared that he is hoping to restore dignity in the country while touching on how tired he is of corruption and crime:

“I made a conscious decision to support Mashaba as a desperate need to participate in bringing about dignity to our nation. I am exhausted with the level of crime and chaotic corruption in our current dispensation that has become globally embarrassing to most of us who have to answer on behalf of the country.”

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