Peet Viljoen

Tammy Taylor Nails SA CEO Peet Viljoen is out on bail and due to appear in court in January 2023 for his 347 fraud charges. Images via @melanyviljoen/Instagram

‘Never seen him steal’: ‘RHOPTA’s’ Peet Viljoen in court next month

Tammy Taylor Nails SA CEO Peet Viljoen was released on R50 000 on bail and is due back in court in January 2023 for the fraud case.

Peet Viljoen

Tammy Taylor Nails SA CEO Peet Viljoen is out on bail and due to appear in court in January 2023 for his 347 fraud charges. Images via @melanyviljoen/Instagram

Peet Viljoen, who is the CEO of Tammy Taylor Nails SA and a cast member on Real Housewives van Pretoria (RHOPTA), is out on bail and will appear in court in January 2023 — according to You Magazine on Friday 2 December.

The businessman is facing 347 fraud and corruption charges which include swindling the Johannesburg metro out of almost 30 properties.

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But, according to his wife, Mel Viljoen — who is also a cast member of the KykNet reality TV series — she has never seen him steal from anyone.

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Netwerk24 reported last month that Peet Viljoen appeared in court on 14 November for the fraud charges. Viljoen is reportedly facing a total of 347 corruption charges, 297 of those charges are for fraud and forgery.

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The charges, which date back to 2010, involved five other people Viljoen allegedly worked with. According to an article by SowetanLIVE in 2010, they were released on R50 000 bail each in the same year.

According to the state, Peet Viljoen and his co-accused started the theft of the Johannesburg metro properties after one of the accused came across a book listing all three thousand of the metro’s properties which are mostly vacant land.

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Through their alleged fake company, Eildoug Investments — which was not registered with South African Insolvency Service (SARS) for tax — they stole almost 30 properties before they transfered them to the potential buyers.

Mel and Peet Viljoen
Mel and Peet Viljoen have once again addressed the Tammy Taylor Nails allegations. Image via @melanyviljoen/Instagram


Peet Viljoen, who was was disbarred from practising as a lawyer in 2011 because of the serious fraud charges, claims he is innocent.

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He told You Magazine that there’s a conspiracy against him because he blew the whistle.

“At one stage, I suspected something was amiss with the transactions and reported it to the seller, who instructed me to go ahead. I refused. About a month later, I was arrested,” he said.

When he was practising as a lawyer, Peet represented singer Steve Hofmeyr and Springbok rugby players Joost van der Westhuizen and James Dalton.

His wife, Mel, also defended him, saying: “In my 11 years with Peet I’ve never seen him bully, hurt, cheat or steal from anyone – not once.”

According to NPA spokesperson Lumka Mahanjana, the state has been ready to prosecute since 2010, but the case always gets postponed by some of the accused, who hire and fire lawyers as soon as they arrange a trial date.