‘You guys are disrespecting hi

Sizwe Dhlomo and Cassper Nyovest. Images via Instgram @casspernyovest @sizwedhlomo.

‘You guys are disrespecting him’: Sizwe Dhlomo on Cassper’s block list

Is Sizwe Dhlomo richer than Cassper Nyovest? Tweeps who thought so claimed they were blocked by the rapper.

‘You guys are disrespecting hi

Sizwe Dhlomo and Cassper Nyovest. Images via Instgram @casspernyovest @sizwedhlomo.

Tweeps claimed rapper Cassper Nyovest blocked people who said radio personality Sizwe Dhlomo is richer than he is. The radio personality responded to the claims on 7 November via a tweet. 


Twitter users have claimed that Cassper Nyovest was blocking people who said that Sizwe Dhlomo is richer than he is. 

“Someone told Cassper that you have more money than him and he blocked that person,” wrote @worthypromises. 

According to Zalebs Sizwe’s net worth is R40 million. He reportedly owns property in both residential and commercial industries. The radio personality is also said to be a farmer and owns four horses. While the Mama I Made It hitmaker has a net worth of R11.5 million according to Briefly. 

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Taking to Twitter, Sizwe poured cold water on the claims. He said that the reason Cassper blocked people is because they are disrespectful. 

“No, he blocked him because you guys are always disrespecting him & to be quite honest, he’s right. Cassper is the greatest of his generation, what you cats should do is learn from him,” he wrote in a since-deleted tweet. 

However, Tweeps had their own opinions on the matter. Take a look at what they had to say…

“He’s weak, no millionaire has time to be arguing with broke idiots (out here) and even blocking them,” wrote @user81141152465.

“Lol why should his alleged ‘greatness’ be forced down our throats? It’s okay to not appreciate Cassper. Let people appreciate who they wanna appreciate,” wrote @M_Jay94. 

“Cassper is full of himself. He copied lot of things from HHP but I don’t blame him he saw that he won’t be better than him that’s why now he is doing amapiano songs,” wrote @ghettostarg. 

“The money part shouldn’t be really important. His success is enriching our popular culture & being one of the most great artists of our time. His global citizen performance confirmed it for me. He is a star,” wrote @Refilwe_kumalo.

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