Kabza de Small

Take a look as Kabza de Small loses his cool with a fan in Botswana. Image via @kabelomotha_/Instagram

Kabza de Smack? Amapiano star loses his cool with Botswana fan [watch]

‘Amapiano King’ Kabza de Small has been involved in yet another altercation with a fan…this time during his set in Botswana. Take a look.

Kabza de Small

Take a look as Kabza de Small loses his cool with a fan in Botswana. Image via @kabelomotha_/Instagram

Amapiano DJ and producer Kabza de Small is allegedly at the centre of a brawl that took place at a club in Botswana recently. A video of the musician is doing the rounds, showing him at the point of beating up a fan during one of his sets.

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The video shows a verbal dispute between an audience member and a man who appears to be a security guard. The fan appears to be standing next to the stage, attempting to take a photo or video of the Asibe Happy DJ as he plays for the crowd. Upon seeing the altercation, Kabza takes off his headphones and angrily approaches the fan.

He is stopped by a few men when he tries to throw hands at the fan.

Watch the short clip below:


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According to ZAlebs, this is not the first time that the award-winning DJ is in a a situation of this nature. The publication reported in 2021 that a fan had accused the musician, and his team, of attacking him.

the fan had taken to his Instagram to reveal that Kabza De Small and his bouncers attacked a friend of his and injured him on his face. He also alleged that they damaged five colognes from his stock worth R7000 each, as well as other items.

The friend proceeded to threaten to open a case against the artist: “Let’s meet tomorrow at the station with a solid docket for you, let’s see what your money can do now.”


Tweeps did not see anything untowards regarding Kabza’s behaviour in Botswana. Instead, many found the incident funny and made fun of his isphandla (traditional bracelet made out of goat/cow skin).

“Those sphandlas got Grootman feeling like Thanos.”

“That sphandla x nkabi fit combo got my guy feeling invincible.”

“As he should. He’s an artist and has a craft, then someone decides to just be annoying? No. Celebs are also people!”