'Yizo Yizo'

‘I lost opportunities because of drugs’: ‘Yizo Yizo’ star Innocent Masuku. Images via Twitter @Proheed

‘I lost opportunities because of drugs’: ‘Yizo Yizo’ star Innocent Masuku

Actor Innocent Masuku, who played Bobo in ‘Yizo Yizo’ recently opened up about how drug addiction affected him and ruined his career.

'Yizo Yizo'

‘I lost opportunities because of drugs’: ‘Yizo Yizo’ star Innocent Masuku. Images via Twitter @Proheed

Former child star and actor Innocent Masuku, who played the popular role of Bobo in Yizo Yizo recently opened up about drug use at the EFF Youth Month campaign.

The star also reflected on his own mistakes and how his addiction affected him off-screen and ruined his acting career.

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The actor Innocent Masuku acted in the popular television drama series Yizo Yizo as the character of a high school drug addict Bobo.  

Masuku revealed at the recent EFF Youth Month campaign that he was involved in drugs when he got into the acting industry.  

He played the role of a drug addict and struggled with the same addiction behind the scenes.   

“I regret it because I lost so many opportunities, you understand. I lost so many friends and good things and even if I regret it, I can never reverse time and be able to regain that time. It feels bad. Deep down, I still regret it even today. But I am one of the lucky few to have survived.”  

The actor also played a drug addict Baksteen Lerole in SABC 1’s drama series Tshisa and admits that he fell into the trap of drugs, according to Drum Magazine.   

“The first few years when I tried to quit drugs with all my heart, I had so many problems and lost out on so many opportunities,” he says.  

“There are many things I could be counting and could have done. But you know what in life, there is always a second chance.”  

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The fan-favourite youth drama series was popular in the 90s as it used fear tactics to educate young people about teenage pregnancy, sex work, abuse, HIV/AIDS, and alcohol and drug addiction.  

The star who is still known by his role as Bobo advises young people to be careful of the choices they make.  

“Be careful of the choices you make. It’s amazing how time flies. Sometimes, the choices you make can cost you many opportunities.”  

“You can go to rehab, but it won’t help if you are not ready fully. I know change is pain, but it starts with you. I did things, I was a good role model and people were looking up to me. I was a big role model, but I failed people and did things they were not expecting. But I decided to forgive myself.”