Mass Country

AKA and Nadia Nakai’s only collab was ‘Dangerous’ off his posthumous album ‘Mass Country’.
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‘Mass Country’: AKA and Nadia get steamy on ‘Dangerous’ [listen]

AKA and Nadia Nakai’s only song together -‘Dangerous’ from his posthumous album ‘Mass Country’ is bittersweet. Listen to it here…

Mass Country

AKA and Nadia Nakai’s only collab was ‘Dangerous’ off his posthumous album ‘Mass Country’.
Images via Instagram

It’s their first and only song together, but for the Megacy, AKA and Nadia Nakai’s collaboration on Dangerous off his posthumous album Mass Country, is everything.

The male and female rap couple professed their love for each other – and teased their steamy bedroom antics – in the song, which was officially released on Friday, 24 February.

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In Dangerous, which also features Blxckie, AKA, and Nadia take turns rapping – seemingly to each other.

AKA raps: 

“Poetry in motion rubbin’ lotion on your back

Tryna keep my focus cause I know you gettin’ wet

You cannot control it cause am the best you ever had

Victoria Secret. I undo it with one hand

That’s our oldest trick. I learned this shit in standard 8

Anyway, am feeling you. I think we should engage

Tell where you, Granma stay. Let’s activate the Rands

Kairo is the one, But I need someone to extend my legacy a son wit’ you, the icing on the cake

They say nothing is forever. Don’t forget to pray

All I know is since I met you, nothing was the same

Your name is a tattoo on my heart. I cannot laser

This time is the last time; I do pray to God we do not break up.”

Nadia Nakai then raps: 

“So tell me what you want, what you really really want

Juicy in the back or juicy in front

Tell me (ray?) flat like Christina Milian

Bragga is beast pioneer, icon

Bought myself a crib made my momma very proud

And I did by myself and had give myself a paw

I ain’t perfect but am worth it. Heavy is the crown

Its a harder balance make him feel like the One

Anyway am feeling you, but I ain’t nothing normal

I think you said I love you before me. Is that normal?

I admit I was a fan of you, but I was loyal.

It’s so crazy when I look at you through different goggles

They don’t understand you like I do

Lost, then I found you, grab you by the neck, then I drowned you (mhmm)

Round two, Sex in the Stu cause it’s soundproof.”


In an exclusive Mass Country listening party on Thursday night, Nadia Nakai spoke to fans about their only collaboration.

She said: “Kiernan and I used to always imagine we were Beyonce and Jay-Z. We’d be drunk as f**k, but we knew we needed a song together. We will never have our own moment like that because that’s what we looked up to”.

She added: “This song is bittersweet because he’s no longer with us. But I still love everything about how we came about and how we made music together”.


With Mass Country taking the top spot on the Twitter trends list, the Megacy are praising the duet between the rap lover.

Here’s what fans of AKA and Nadia Nakai had to say:

@theboypostman: “AKA and Nadia were flirting in real-time.”

@BlxckSwiss_: “AKA and Nadia are literally talking to each other on Dangerous, and Blxckie is just there singing for them. It’s so beautiful.”

@Chustarrr: “AKA on Dangerous basically said to Nadia he wants to spend the rest of his days with her.”

@itscaldeee: “AKA’s verse on Dangerous is so touching. I know Nadia is gonna cherish that song till the end of time.”