Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi paid tribute to the later AKA in an Instagram post. Image via Instagram @pearlthusi

‘I could have never imagined this’: Pearl Thusi pays tribute to AKA

‘Is it better [if] I just pretend this didn’t happen?’ Pearl Thusi can’t believe that her friend AKA is gone forever.

Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi paid tribute to the later AKA in an Instagram post. Image via Instagram @pearlthusi

On Wednesday, 22 February, TV personality Pearl Thusi dedicated her newly uploaded Instagram profile picture to her late friend Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, popularly known by his stage name AKA , and penned the beloved rapper a lengthy and emotional tribute as she reflected on their friendship. 


AKA died in Durban earlier this month when he was shot at close range outside Wish restaurant on Florida Road. His memorial was live-streamed for fans to watch the heartbreaking ceremony. He was laid to rest in a private ceremony on 18 February, EWN reported.

Pearl Thusi
Pearl Thusi reflected on her friendship with AKA. Image via Instagram @pearlthusi


Like many of us who are still grieving the slain rapper, Pearl Thusi seemingly still can’t believe AKA has passed on. Sharing her emotions with her Instagram followers, she dedicated a letter to the All Eyes On Me hitmaker as she changed her profile picture on Instagram to the late rapper’s Mass Country cover.

Penning her emotions online, Thusi wrote,

“I could have never imagined this. 💔

“I’m still trying to string sentences together to express how I feel. Is it better if I come home first? Is it better [if] I just pretend this didn’t happen? I don’t know.”

The TV presenter shared some of the lessons she was taught by the beloved deceased rapper. As she penned, she remembered a time her music lingo needed working on.

“Why was our love language dragging each other 😭😂. I remember when I didn’t understand the difference between albums, EPs, single releases etc. 🙈 lol.

“I said to you[that] I’ve bought all your albums, to which you said, “there’s only one, but thanks, baby girl!” 😂🙄…

“Anyway – over a decade later – and I’ve bought all your albums for real this time. 🤍🥹,” Thusi added.

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