Cape Town driver

Cape Town driver hits gun-wielding kid in Khayelitsha attempted robbery on N2

Watch a Cape Town driver hit a young child wielding a gun during an attempted robbery incident in Khayelitsha near the N2 Mew Way offramp.

Cape Town driver

A Cape Town driver has been praised on social media for his quick reaction in dealing with an attempted robbery incident in Khayelitsha.

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Mario Paul Campbell was driving on the Mew Way bridge in the direction towards the N2 turn-off.

As he approached a set of dysfunctional traffic lights, a young boy walked up to his car and pointed a gun in his direction.


Campbell quick drove towards the gun-wielding youngster and from the video footage he hits the boy with the left side of his vehicle.

According to Campbell his car wasn’t badly damaged and the young boy was dragged by a friend to the side of the road.

Watch the incident below:

The incident is the second time a motorist has been filmed attempting to knock an alleged perpetrator with their vehicle in recent days.

A Durban woman, Sandy-Lee Ward, was seen on CCTV being robbed of a mobile phone while stationary in her Toyota Tazz.

Ward reacted immediately and CCTV footage at a nearby petrol station showed her chase after the suspect and hit him with her car.

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The man suffered injuries and was arrested by police.

No charges were laid against Ward, according to TimesLive.