Sertan Sanderson

Sertan Sanderson

Sertan started writing for the South African to find his inner African - or so he claims. With his background in journalism Sertan has worked on various documentaries and news channels, and has also contributed features to the Guardian and other publications. He holds a Master's Degree in War Studies but does not believe in the initiation of violence. If that makes him 'pieperig', so be it.

New electoral rules to change

New electoral rules to change little in Zim elections

Zimbabwe is to hold its future elections under a new set of laws governing the country’s elections. However, these new guidelines have quickly been criticised for amounting to little more than a legislative whitewash aimed at glossing over the fact that there is hardly any effective change to the way that the African nation’s problematic democracy continues to play itself out

Princess Charlene announces pr

Princess Charlene announces pregnancy with “immense joy”

The announcement of Charlene’s pregnancy is bound to change the line of succession for the royal family in Monaco – a considerably feat for a small-town girl from Africa, who has already defied the odds as an Olympian. But as the face of Europe’s royal families changes at a rapid pace, is it still ‘en vogue’ to become a monarch?

Expats seek answers on oversea
South Africans Abroad

Expats seek answers on overseas vote problems

The national elections may be yesterday’s news in South Africa, but expats around the world still have many questions concerning the mismanagement of the vote abroad. As hundreds did not get to cast their votes despite the best of intentions and efforts, inquiries examining the overseas vote are beginning to produce some initial answers

More likely to be sexually abu

More likely to be sexually abused in SA than not

No one likes to read about terrible stories of abuse – but one photographer took it upon herself to spend a decade uncovering harrowing stories of rape in order to educate victims and foreign audiences alike about these harrowing realities of living in poor communities across Africa

Zuma plays rape card to defend

Zuma plays rape card to defend Nkandla upgrades

In a shocking revelation South African President Jacob Zuma declares publicly that one of his wives was raped at his Nkandla homestead, allegedly giving him cause for his controversial security upgrades. But the announcement came in the eleventh hour just two days before election day – after being kept as an open secret for over a decade-and-a-half

Will the ANC lose ground in th

Will the ANC lose ground in this week’s election?

The ANC might just be the all-out winner as well as the biggest loser of the upcoming national election in South Africa on Wednesday. But to what extent are voting patterns likely to change or remain the same in what commentators have called the most exciting election in twenty years?