Brett Petzer

Brett Petzer

Architectural graduate, French-English translator, fiction writer, illustrator.

Greening Business Tourism: the

Greening Business Tourism: the low-hanging fruit

Greening South Africa’s business tourism sector is in its earliest stages – but good foundations, and a change of mindset, will set up the industry for international competitiveness in the a warmer, drier, more climate-conscious future

UN WTO meets in Africa for fir

UN WTO meets in Africa for first time in sign of things to come

The pivot of global economic primacy towards the East is sometimes assumed by Africans to be someone else’s news – no more than a swapping of one set of export partners for another. But the rise of China, India and Brazil has immense consequences for Africa beyond actual trade with China itself

South Africans abandon fixed-l

South Africans abandon fixed-line, flock to mobile broadband

South Africa has finally caught up with its more gung-ho neighbours in East Africa, where the existing lack of fixed-line infrastructure has meant that mobile technology was the default choice. However, in possessing an extensive network of fixed-line telephony, South Africa is alone among the major economies of sub-Saharan Africa in having the potential to develop low-cost fixed broadband

Oscar Pistorius and the hero-w

Oscar Pistorius and the hero-worship of South African sportsmen

There are murderers we instinctively greet as monsters. Reading of their exploits and seeking the damaged remnant of human mercy in them both entertains us, and reassures us that, say, the Modimolle Monster is not fundamentally the same as we and our loved ones are. Murderers, or those accused of murder, are entirely more troubling when they are people we emulated.

11 reasons for a national camp

11 reasons for a national campaign against gender-based violence

If the South African public and the diaspora have emphasised Reeva Steenkamp’s life as uniquely tragic, the ubiquity of the violence against women in this country was not lost on Steenkamp herself. She saw herself, prior to being personally victimised, as already deeply implicated in the common fate that awaits 1,095 South African women this year.

Blimps across the savannah: ho

Blimps across the savannah: how to sidestep the broadband gap by thinking big

As the world’s premier internet and software giants compete with local entrepreneurs to bring the internet to rural and urban Africans at meaningful speed – and as the immense creative energies of millions of people are optimised as a result – it is motivating to note that, while governments squat on telecoms monopolies, the message that the status quo is no longer acceptable has hit home at the grassroots.

The Top 10 Broadband Towns in

The Top 10 Broadband Towns in South Africa – and the World

The costs of tethering Africa’s great gateway economy to the the back of the pack in information technology are hard to quantify, but what is certain is that those costs are also simulataneously the measure of the financial rewards that await investors who can circumvent the existing infrastructure and legislation to deliver broadband at, say, Ethiopian levels.

Nelson Mandela’s Living Legacy

Nelson Mandela’s Living Legacy | 1963 – Raid on Lilliesleaf

The raid on Liliesleaf Farm turned into an own goal for the Government as the trialists used the resulting publicity to highlight their political cause; one of Mandela’s speeches — inspired by Castro’s “History Will Absolve Me” speech — was widely reported in the press despite official censorship.