Watch: Hippo eats an entire wa

Watch: Hippo eats an entire watermelon in one big gulp [video]

They are big, bulky and apparently they have a taste for watermelons! Watch a hippo gulp down an entire watermelon in one bite down here:

Watch: Hippo eats an entire wa

Who doesn’t love a watermelon? The following hippos sure do! In the following video, hungry hippos snack on a watermelon which is both mesmerizing and maybe a little bit strange.

In the video that’s making the rounds on social media, hippos are seen eating away on some juicy watermelons.  The footage shows a man giving the giant mammals a watermelon, which they gulp in one quite disturbing bite.

At first, we can see close-up footage of the hippos’ big mouth, with its two rows of jaws. The hippo proceeds to gulp the watermelon in one, effortless bite.

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According to The Daily Mail, an amused crowd watched on during the feeding frenzy, which took place at the hippos’ enclosure in a Japanese zoo. A crowd of onlookers can be heard talking in the background with some shouting ‘Wow!’, clearly amazed by the sight.

Even though, the hippos do look quite calm in the video, they are actually extremely dangerous. They are said to be the world’s third-largest land mammal (elephants are first of course), with males weighing around 3,300 lbs (that’s about 1, 496 kg).

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Now that’s something you don’t see everyday!

According to National Geographic, hippos are mostly active at night when they forage for food. They are herbivores, and eat mostly grass. In just one night, they can guzzle down up to 35kg of their favorite grub.

In order for them to stay cool, they mostly spend their time in rivers and lakes. The Greeks actually dubbed the hippo the “river horse” because of their love for the water. But, despite their enormous size, hippos are actually great swimmers and can hold their breath for up to five minutes underwater.When completely submerged, their ears and nostrils fold shut to keep water out. How wonderful!