Watch: BBC Two’s ‘The Mash Rep

Watch: BBC Two’s ‘The Mash Report’ explains how not to sexually harass someone in viral sketch [video]

Watch Rachel Parris explain what constitutes sexual harassment in this new viral video from the BBC Two’s ‘The Mash Report’.

Watch: BBC Two’s ‘The Mash Rep

BBC Two’s ‘The Mash Report’ took on the subject of sexual harassment and the #MeToo movement by giving viewers an hilarious sketch on how not to sexually harass someone.

The skit has already been viewed 16 million times since it was uploaded  this past Monday.

BBC Two’s ‘The Mash Report’ is a satirical news show in the UK, and has been described as the UK’s very own ‘Daily Show’.

The skit covered questions that have come up in the wake of the #MeToo campaign and the wave of sexual assault allegations against powerful men such as Hollywood mogul, Harvey Weinstein.

The viral segment was uploaded The Daily Mash’s Facebook page, where viewers can see show correspondent, Rachel Parris speaking with host, Nish Kumar about what exactly constitutes sexual harassment.

“Even talking to a woman is now completely off-limits. Isn’t that right, Nish?” Parris asks. “No?” Kuman responds confused. “No, it’s not, Nish. But it’s fun to pretend to be confused about that, isn’t it?” Parris responds.

Parris goes on to list actual news headlines from media houses all over the world.

She goes on to quote sociologist, Carolann Peterson who recently told the Daily Mail, “Men do need to recognize that a sudden arm around the shoulder or a pat on the butt isn’t the innocuous gesture some might have thought it was.”

“Nish, it’s an absolute minefield,” she jokes. “What could possibly be wrong with spanking a colleague or the prospect of a sudden arm grabbing you from the shadows?”

She later ads: “If you do stick to my handy guide we will manage to walk that terribly fine line between being a decent person and a complete wanker.”

Watch the skit down here:

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