water crisis

Watch: CPT resident slams DA gov and Maimane for “lies” over water crisis [video]

The Cape Town man who was kicked out of the DA’s “Avoid Day Zero” showcase on Wednesday has spoken to the media about the DA’s “lies”.

water crisis

On Wednesday, the Democratic Alliance and their leader Mmusi Maimane broadcast live on all DA social media platforms from a hall in Athlone. In this hall, Maimane announced that he was officially getting more involved with the managing of the plans to avoid Day Zero during the City of Cape Town’s devastating drought.

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While the DA leader was presenting a new and updated “plan” to avoid day zero and listing what the City has done to help, Muaath Gabier decided to get some things off his chest.

Gabier began shouting and calling out the DA from his seat in the venue for a few minutes before he was thrown out. He was visibly furious with Maimane and the DA and stood his ground even after he was removed.

Journalists from the Cape Argus caught up with Gabier outside the venue as he called the DA government “liars” and attempted to counter multiple claims made by Maimane on the stage.

While Maimane began his speech saying that they would not be blaming anyone, things quickly became about what the national government was failing to provide in terms of their constitutional obligation to provide bulk water. The DA is correct, it is not the mandate of local or provincial government to provide bulk water ie building dams etc.

The problem for Gabier and many other South Africans came when Maimane claimed that it would be far too expensive for the City to build a large-scale desalination plant. A cost of R15bn to be precise, an amount that Maimane reminded the audience is a third of the City of Cape Town’s entire yearly budget.

If the city has known about the impending crisis since 2002, couldn’t the building have been staggered affordably over multiple years? This was just one of the thousands of questions posed to the party on social media once the speech was concluded.

Be sure to check out the video below to see Gabier’s rant on why the local government are talking “kak”. Believe it or not, the people of Cape Town are angry…